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News: Heart-stopping video shows Singapore cyclist rescuing small child riding scooter on busy road – and no, he’s not the father

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3rd Gear (edited)

At https://www.businessinsider.sg/heart-stopping-video-shows-singapore-cyclist-rescuing-small-child-riding-scooter-on-busy-road-and-no-hes-not-the-father :



 Advanced issue found

A cyclist who stopped his bike in the middle of a busy road to save a young child has shared his side of the story. And there’s something he needs to clarify.

“I’m not the father of that child,” Zwan Giant, 35, told Business Insider in an interview over Facebook Messenger.

The technician – who was identified on Facebook by his wife as “the brave cyclist who save the kid”- added that another man seen waving at oncoming vehicles while standing on the road divider was also unlikely to be related to the child.....



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The Parents of the Child need a short stay at ''Changi Chalet'' for letting the Child to Roam around.

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