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Michelin Pilot sport 4 Different moulds used

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Michelin Pilot sport 4 Different moulds used,

This week I had a puncture in one of my ps4's and got it changed, I realised that the two tyres looked considerably different to each other, one tyre has a rim protection lip when the other doesn't.

Brought it up with the tyre place who contacted Michelin who then had it escalated to figure out why they where different.

4 days went past and it turns out that Michelin make the tyres in both Spain and Thailand and the new one I got (Made in Thailand) doesn't have rim protection like the original ps4 tyres.

it is pretty disappointing that the tyre is different since they look considerably worse than the original Spain made ps4 tyres.

I've posted photos of the two for reference 

Anyone else experienced this and as frustrated as I am?


made in thailand 1.jpg

made in spain 1.jpg

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5th Gear

My tyre size have a choice between Thailand and Europe.   I chose the former.
I believe there are differences.
I share your frustration.

Perhaps if is not to inconvenient,  who you be able to take a close up picture of the tyres that indicates the number of plys ?

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