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Save up to $100 on the Brand New Sony XS-AW8 Compact Powered Subwoofer

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Enrich your in-car listening with the XS-AW8 compact powered subwoofer. The slim design allows installation in restricted spaces, and fills your car with 160W peak (75W RMS) of clean, dynamic bass. A supplied wired remote enables convenient level control from the driver's seat.


Product Highlights:

1. Ultra-sleek, shallow subwoofer
No space for a big subwoofer enclosure? At only 7.8cm deep, the XS-AW8 powered subwoofer fits in tight spaces in your vehicle for powerful bass sound throughout the car.


2. Optimally Designed Driver Unit and Low-Resonance Cast-Aluminium Enclosure

To reproduce powerful bass sound from its compact dimensions, the slim enclosure is paired with a unique rigid subwoofer diaphragm. The built-in amplifier also integrates a sturdy heat-sink to protect the driver unit and amp without introducing unwanted vibrations and harmonic distortion.


3. Supplied Wired Remote Commander

A supplied wired remote commander allows you to adjust the subwoofer volume from the driver's seat.


4. High Level Input/Audio Line Input

What if you're using a factory radio that doesn't have pre-amp outputs? Simply connect the speaker outputs of your receiver to the high-level inputs. When pre-out audio signals are available from the receiver, connect them to the CH1(R) and CH2(L) terminals. Compatibility with up to 5V pre-outs means you can utilise higher voltage audio input for a clean audio signal and less external noise.


5. Single-Sided Controls and Terminals

Connections and amplifier controls are together on the same side for easy installation and tuning. The amplifier features a variable low-pass filter for simple connection to full-range sources, including the speaker-level inputs. 


6. 160W Peak (75W RMS) Output Power

Fill your car with 160W (75W RMS) of clean, dynamic bass sound with our original power IC. The matched class A/B amp is designed for high power and natural, distortion-free sound even at high output levels.


Pair the Sony XS-AW8 with the Sony Media Receiver to save more!



Where To Buy?

Find all Sony’s Authorised Dealers here.

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