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Wrap Infinity provides car wrapping customisation and paint protection services. Excellent workmanship at affordable prices!

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About Us

Wrap infinity is an automotive detailing and aesthetics company, run by a team of professionally trained enthusiastic. Specializing in automotive and commercial graphic printing and wrapping as well as automotive paint protection services.

Why Choose Us


- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

- We ensure high-quality materials from trusted brands and professional workmanship 

- We believe trust and reliability are crucial factors in fostering quality business. 

We provide a variety of services which the following are the most patronized by our customers:

Automotive Wrapping / Ceramic Coating / Paint Protection Film / Window Tinting / Custom Printing


Check out our google reviews here below!!


Wrap Infinity Full Car Wrap

Wrap infinity provides customers with a new alluring and enticing look for their cars with our finest workmanship. We offer high-quality material for our car wrap services at reasonable prices. Our frequent in-house brands are KLT, Inozetek, 3M, Hexis, and Avery. Our full car wrapping services come along with a 1-year warranty. The usage of our qualified materials will enable customers to change their car color with a piece of mind without having to worry that there will be damages to their base color. 

3 to 5 years Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

2 to 3-day downtime to give a makeover for your car.

(Link to Full Car Wrap )




Ceramic Coating

The brand we frequently use in ceramic coating is CarPro. We provide 3 types of package for ceramic coating, which are Ultimate Lite, Ultimate Uk, Ultimate Uk +, and Ultimate Pro. We will provide 2 layers of CQuartz coating for shine and hydrophobic effect. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating  

🔹 Minor Scratch Resistance 

🔹 High Transparency in Colour & Brightness 

🔹 High Water Repellent & Hydrophobic 

🔹 High-Temperature Resistance 

🔹 Anti-UV Protection 

🔹 Resistant to Oxidation & Corrosion 

🔹 High Density & Adhesion 

🔹 Increased 9H Thickness & Hardness 

🔹 Super Glossy Wet Outlook 

🔹 Gloss Durability 2 - 3years!

(Link to Ceramic Coating)



Paint Protection Film

Our in-house brands for Paint Protection Films are Ultrafit, KLT, and Hexis. PPF consists of an ultra-thin polyurethane, or polymer, which when properly applied by our professional workers, forms a transparent protective surface layer. It helps to protect car paint from scratches, acid rain, antioxidants, and anti-ultraviolet. 

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

- Dust Repellent

- Hydrophobicity

- Gloss + UV Protection

- Self-Heal

- Shock Absorbent

- Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

💥💥 Downtime 2 days For Ultimate Results💥💥

(Link to Paint Protection Film)



Window Tinting

Brands we frequently use for the solar film are Ultrafit VS and Ultrafit VF that are LTA Compliant. With our good quality and skilled application of solar film, we promise to. We have different packages and rates to cater to our customer’s needs. 


Chemicals that cause stains 


UV Rays

(Link to Window Tinting)





Commercial Printing

Looking to customize logos, stickers, and decals for commercial marketing and more? 

We offer customization of designs by our qualified digital graphic designer, all you need to do is to share your ideas and we will work out a plan for you. 

(Link to Commercial Printing)


hhhh.thumb.jpg.cf132576dcd19346abb66f0cb495406a.jpg 566770207_hahaaaacopy.thumb.jpg.ed022cac566d9a4a8fe645dc45b02218.jpg





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Do you guys do door edge protection?


Can PM me the price for 4 door sedan?

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