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  • The audi gransphere looks cool! (Still a concept thou)
  • BMW Is also into Hydrogen! FTW Hydrogen!
  • Cupra concept car seems like is ready to go for WRC!
  • Hahaha. Kuga Mindfulness. If I drive this to work, can it ease my anxiety? 🤣
  •  Ioniq 5 Robo taxi is cool. level 4 autonomy driving.
  • Micro scooter is into EV car too! Can this replace our existing BlueSG? 😂
  • The cheese grater Mercedes Benz-Maybach EQS & the EQG is yay or meh? 👍or👎
  • The Mercedes Benz EQT is like a Citan on electric!
  • Mini Paul Smith is a raw looking yet handsome car!
  • Porsche Mission R is sleek! Sepang-ing on this?



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1 hour ago, inlinesix said:

@kobayashiGT It is IAA 2021

oh. wrong name ah? damn! later i change! i am out for mooncake sending! 

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