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Singapore Reckless Drivers Part XI

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lai lai whr the first pagers!! lai lai

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3rd Gear

Reporting 🙋‍♂️.... page 1 first time 🤣

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5th Gear

@Fitvip So many kind hearted accident specialists on the roads.

Nowadays many experts also. People on the ground are learning fast. 😁

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My usual advice:


When traveling abroad


1- get enough rest before starting out on a long journey - if you just got off a long plane ride, think hard before you embark on a long drive 

2- get a car that you can handle - don't bite more than you can chew - if you have never driven a 4000cc car, don't start now..

3- understand the local rules and SOP

4- take a day or two to get use to the roads especially if it's a left hand drive

5- have more than one designated driver 

6- take regular breaks

7- don't try and cover too much ground, such that you drive too much and get tired and also don't get to see much

8- check the car (tires, brakes, liquids etc)

9- get travel insurance, even if you have cover from your credit card

10- tell someone where you are going and where you come from - eg your hotel for the next night

11- drive at safe speeds

12- look out for cross winds

13- remember to buckle up - front and rear passengers alike

14- enjoy the journey and the ride with friends - nothing like the open road, here, M'sia or a longer trip... it doesn't matter so long as you are with good company!



In Singapore, most of the tips still apply:


- drive only when you can

- drive at a speed you can handle

- if you drink, don't drive

- don't try and multi-task

- don't use the HP, actually even with a hands free, it's not such a good idea

(I try and put my phone out of reach or silence it, so I don't try to reach for it)

- check the car and send it for regular servicing

(oils, liquids, tires etc)

- preventive maintenance is vital, don't wait til it's broken then change it

- don't assume the other guy is a pro and is aware of you, drive like the other person is a lousy driver, so keep the appropriate distance away

- BUCKLE UP, it's the law, and it's for your safety

- stay visible and signal your intentions early

- if you think you can't make it, don't accelerate and try to beat the light or the other car

- if you err, stick out your hand and wave a 'sorry' - you will be surprised how that calms the other guy

- if someone let's you go, and gives way, wave too - pay it forward 


If there's really going to be an accident:

- brace brace brace

- take pics

- it's an SOP to have a DVR these days - FRONT AND BACK

- carry a first aid kit

- a bit late, but always make sure your insurance is up to date

- stop the vehicle somewhere safe before you get out to talk to the other party

- don't fight, don't get violent, take pics and walk away if the other party is aggressive 


If you see an accident, DON'T KPO, keep moving. Report it when you are safe, or on a hands free. Don't add to the accident. Rubbernecking is a bad idea.

Watch out for oil slicks

Be safe, not sorry


Oh and if you do get stuck in a jam, just enjoy the time alone, reflect, since the car is going nowhere, don't horn or get angry. Spend a few moments of quiet time..

Finally if you have kids in the car, watch what you say or do..

Your young son / daughter is learning from daddy - if you curse and swear at everything and everyone around you, don't blame them for doing the same too later in life..

Sometimes, it's more important to do the right thing, than to lecture them, they learn more from our actions. 



That's it for now 


Finally if you do get into an accident, remember to keep cool, even if the other chap was an idiot.




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Turbocharged (edited)



do not mingle too much with vehicle commander

refrain from putting hand on VC thigh 

check blind spot properly not VC chest 



make sure vehicle stationary before checking suspension with VC 🤫🤫🤫

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risking my job to create a post in the first page 😂

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I am late

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