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sgCarMart's Community Telegram group is now live!

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To all fellow drivers (and car enthusiasts) alike, we have some exciting news!


sgCarMart is launching its Community Telegram group, a new and improved space where our followers can have a voice and participate in active, meaningful discussions. Current members of the sgCarMart Telegram channel will also be migrated to this new platform.

What will be featured in this new Telegram group? 

Similar to the current sgCarMart Telegram channel, the Community group features periodical updates on:

  • Car features
  • Car articles
  • MCF articles
  • Car reviews
  • Used car listings

 Additionally, the group will feature:

  • Fun and interactive polls
  • COE updates
  • Active live discussions on exciting car news

Join us as we embark on a new journey in building a fresh community of drivers and car enthusiasts with our new Telegram group!


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Just now, Freeder said:

My frd also asking if this telegram group got any coming meat ups with chio bus or not?


Like dat hor my frd can meet your frd go buddy system cover safety 🥰🥰🥰

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1 hour ago, Watwheels said:

I think I will pass. It is another sausage fest. One mcf is enough, dont need a 2nd one.

Hopefully nobody tries to sue somebody in the chat group. Good luck.

Me too. I have telegram acc but never used. I do see some of the highlights.


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9 hours ago, BabyBlade said:

Got BabyBlade. Got @SiLangKia for the XMMs. Have you joined SLK?

hahahaha haven't la too many telegram groups liao my phone everyday so many notifications hahahahaahaha, i see how, tell the XMMs i akan datang THANKS

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1 hour ago, jeffri20 said:

Is it really possible to buy real estate with no money down and a bad credit rating?

Yes. In hell everything's possible.

Let @RadX bring you there, in a golden casket.

Also, he'll burn a paper house for you so you'll have tons of free real estate down there.

Edited by Brass
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