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The 1400hp mid-engine AWD Hoonipigasus! Ken Block’s NEW Pike’s Peak Int’l Hill Climb Racer!

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Introducing the HOONIPIGASUS! I teamed up with Mobil 1 Racing AND BBi Autosport to build this absolutely INSANE 1400hp 4.0L twin turbo flat-six engine all-wheel drive 6-speed Sadev sequential transmission having Vintage 911 racecar! Oh wait, I forgot to mention the GPS activated height adjustable suspension, yeah it has that too. Throw a livery from the GucciGhost (@Trouble Andrew) himself and we’ve got ourselves a bad ass racecar. I’m ridiculously excited to rip this thing at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. Here is everything that went into making this dream a reality! Go pig or go home!


This car is absolute savage. Wonder how it will perform during pike's peak. 🧐


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