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GWM - Ora Good Cat


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The GMW's Ora Good Cat is one of the latest Chinese EV to enter the EV market. GMW is Great Wall Motor, China. No, I'm not look for EVs but I think this is interesting.

Yeah, the name is cheesy but the car looks well built. Although it is targeted at women buyers but it has a lot of features, or at least it doesnt look so quirky/weird like the BYD Otto's interior with the seashell-like dash with guitar strings side pockets 🤮.

First look. Surprisingly Malaysia has a GWM or Great Wall Motor's branch. The video mentioned 3 variants with the same power, 141hp 210Nm torque with either 400km or 500km range. Dunno what's the 3rd variant.


Drive. The drive and interior actually looks good.




Malaysia's price is ranged between RM150K to RM180K. For Singapore, I dunno who will wish to bring this in.

There is also The Next Ora Cat, LoL... that is more sedan-ish. But still looks abit feminine like the Ora Good Cat. Meow.


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Go With Malaysia:Great Wall Motor Malaysia subsidiary officially established

Today marks a new milestone for China Great Wall Corporation in Southeast Asia. After Thailand, Great Wall Motor has now established its Malaysian subsidiary and made its debut under the brand as GWM (Great Wall Motor).”

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My marketing plan.

Tie up with MCF.

Discount for all MCF members like my massage and used cars.

Dedicated thread for members questions.

Whatsapp group for all owners.

No need expensive road shows at shopping center atrium.

Regular MUs where people interested can test drive.

I learn this from my massage business.

First rub free until they hooked.

First 10 units no profit like H BeeDees club.


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Internal Moderator

I saw this car when I am in Bangkok recently, it was quite a looker. Good design (look like old Porsche) But the interior build quality is meh. 

Don't think it can fetch a good price here. with the high COE. 

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7 hours ago, Volvobrick said:

Those rims....give me a headache. 


I think I know where the designer got his inspiration:


A van Gogh rim? Then it's value may sky-rocket. You should preserve it rather than use it on the car.  :grin:

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Still copying at this stage 🤦‍♂️

If I want character, I rather buy French. At least they don't copy unscrupulously. (Repair is another issue but 2nd hand savings are real)

Thought that the Good Cat was a sign of good things to come but apparently that was not the case.

If the Ami can be registered under motorcycle coe I'll go get a licence now and be a road hogger.

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