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Van Driver Expertly Marshals Traffic At Bukit Merah Road Junction After Traffic Lights Go Out


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Source: https://mustsharenews.com/van-driver-marshal-traffic/

Van Driver Helps Marshal Traffic At Jalan Bukit Merah Road Junction

In a world where we sometimes feel increasingly disconnected from each other, a voluntary act of kindness can shine more brightly than ever.

When we all constantly have places to be, it is even more admirable when someone sacrifices their own time for the good of others.

That was precisely what one van driver did when he volunteered to marshal traffic to aid drivers stuck at a road junction.


He stepped up to help out after the traffic lights went out, and earned praise from netizens for guiding oncoming traffic like a pro.

Van driver marshals traffic skillfully in the middle of road

On 23 Dec (Friday), Facebook user Richard Lau shared the man’s good deed to the Singapore Incidents group.


Based on the video, the incident appears to have taken place at the Jalan Bukit Merah road junction.

According to Mr Lau, the traffic lights at the road junction had gone out and he was wondering how to cross the road.

He then said the van driver came down suddenly, walked into the middle of traffic, and started guiding the vehicles right away.

Dressed casually in an orange shirt and slippers, the man appeared unfazed by the busy traffic as he stepped into his role as a temporary traffic marshal.

At one point, he put up both hands to halt vehicles coming from one direction while waving forth a car from the opposite direction.


Seeing that all the cars were “listening to him”, OP saluted the van driver, calling his traffic marshalling skills “impressive”.

Netizens heap praise on van driver for marshalling traffic

The van driver’s selflessness and nifty manoeuvring of traffic drew praise from many netizens, including one who said he deserves a medal.


Another commenter gave him a “thumbs up” for helping out before authorised personnel came on the scene.


Some surmised that the man might have been a traffic police officer while in National Service (NS), judging by his skills.


Another user echoed his sentiment by sharing a theory that the van driver may have worked as a traffic police officer before.


One netizen commended the van driver’s bravery for putting himself in the middle of traffic, as dangerous as it might have been.


An inspiration to step up whenever we can

Although the van driver’s traffic marshalling came with some risk, it was undoubtedly a generous act that helped many others get to their destinations safely that day.

While it doesn’t mean we should all attempt the exact same thing, it does serve as an inspiration to help others in ways that we know best.

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Well Done,but don't hit by crazy Reckless Drivers(very common now) that don't obey him..later died or injure don't know can claim from who.?

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6 hours ago, Watwheels said:

I think he has done it before. If me, I wont know what to do. Thumbs up for his effort anyways.

Maybe Ex TP officer ?  but still take one to have a lot of passion to do this.

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7 hours ago, Inlinefour said:

he deserves pbm bbm 👏👏

authentic contributor to public service 👍👍👍

Wait....need to take up a  full page ad by 'supporters' to congratulate him on the public service medal or not? 

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59 minutes ago, Soya said:

Wait....need to take up a  full page ad by 'supporters' to congratulate him on the public service medal or not? 

that's applicable only to grassroots balls carrier 🙈🙉🙊 

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