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If you have been visiting New Age Polish, you know we love this disinfectant spray so much!

During the pandemic till endemic, BACTA-X has been our most trusted brand for disinfecting our clients car cabin. 
The product was tested at SGH and is certified an effective disinfectant that can kill 99.9999% bacterial and viruses.
Bacta-X disinfectant sprays has a series of premium fragrance that helps us improve on the experience of handling over the car.
Our clients love it as much as we do!

In cases of vomit and spillage cases, we do recommend customers to purchase this and spray on their car mats for few more days
to completely eliminate the bad odor in the car. This can also help in eliminate bad aircon smells and get rid of the tobacco smell after smoking. Several private-hirers uses this for better ride experiences and car dealers also praise this for helping them to increase chances of closing sales.

We have just launched our new fragrances this Jan 2023! If you haven't try it, head down to our outlet and any of our friendly staffs!
I believe everyone needs one of this to boosts their spirits high up for a morning start and keep our driving journey pleasant everyday!


🍐 Pear & Freesia

This fragrance is highly-raved and we are almost sold out for a start! 

Amidst the gentle breeze in the crisp, autumn air lays the harmonious scent of sweet luscious pears and delicate freesia blossoms... Greeted by the burst of succulence white freesia blossoms and enchanting roses joins. It is then embraced by a blend of warm amber, sweet honey and tranquil musk. 




Sweet and light scent. 

Bold red hues radiate amidst the contrasting green leaves beneath the blessing of the warm sunshine, starting with a welcoming burst of tomato leaf, crisp green apple, and fresh watery accords, a touch of delicate muguet, jasmine and velvety rose harmonizes elegantly. Finally, the concoction is wrapped in cosy musk and sandalwood, completing the harmonious melody. 


WhatsApp Image 2023-01-17 at 14.29.19.jpg

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