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The ultimate group buy: 150 Mercedes Benz bought by residents of Aurangabad, India

The ultimate group buy: 150 Mercedes Benz bought by residents of Aurangabad, India



How do you feel when you see VW rims on Skoda?  

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    • Owner of the Skoda couldn't find Skoda rims
    • Owner tries to disguise the Skoda as a VW


Something extraordinary has happened in Aurangabad, a small industrial town in India. 150 individuals, consisting of lawyers, engineers, doctors , IT specialists and so forth had made a group purchase of 150 different Mercedes Benz at one go. Now how the group buy came into being is a story all by itself.


Awhile ago, a group of friends decided to buy a luxury car each. And according to a local news channel and a few motoring sites from India this group of affluent Aurangabadians (I suppose this is what you call people who live in Aurangabad) were not sure of which brand to buy as a group. The discussion must have also spread by word of mouth and via local car forums as well as meet ups and this ended up involving more and more people from around the area. Somehow, after all the talk Mercedes Benz was selected and somehow the State Bank of India (SBI) got to know about this intention to purchase as a group and came with a offer which helped buyers who wanted to buy with loan options. I would imagine that the bank manager


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Not in spore though as our coe inhibit such stunt. Furthermore the coe will surely sky rocket with such a group buy proposition.

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I did a small group buy three years back. Group of my friends went to buy 4's of Toyota Rav4 from PI and we got a

very good discount. [:)]

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Actually the COE would only skyrocket AFTER the group buy...as the group would have taken that month's quota...COE is based on demand anyway.


And a smaller group buy (like the 4 units of rav4) would only be a small blip on the charts anyway

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