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Edited and Photos by Sherlin Lin | 6 August 2015
What crosses your mind about a man who puts on a Patek Philippe watch? What would you expect of him and the kind of lifestyle he leads? We find out in this story...
The type of watch a man puts on says a lot about him. There are those who do not put on any now that their phones play the role of showing the time as well. Even though this may be true, you still need a watch as part of your dress code. A Patek Philippe is one such watch that shows a lot of class and a sense of style, something that is not owned by many men. It is worn by a man with power, not that it is huge or boastful, but because it is considered to be one of the best, if not the cream of the crop. It is made uniquely using high-end technology that puts it a step higher than the rest of its kind.

Many men want this watch but only a few of them get to have it. Their prices are extremely high, which is why many people cannot afford them, whether in retail, wholesale or auction shops. Their prices go as high as $24 million at auctions, which is a ridiculous amount that many dare not spend on a watch.

A particular Patek model, commonly known by the reference number 5270, is one of the world's finest watch for men. It was released into the market in 1941 for the first time and has been in existence since then. And with its prices, we can understand why this is the case. This was and still is considered to be the greatest invention in the realm of watches and we have yet to see any competition against it.

A man who puts on this type of watch is not just your regular type of man. He obviously has a great taste for watches and most likely possess leadership qualities. He is also intellectual is good in business, which explains his vast wealth. He takes calculated risks and makes his money work for him. Needless to say, his vacations are also in exquisite areas, not your commonly visited places. He is truly living at a higher level.

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