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Text and Photos from Jaguar Land Rover | 21 September 2016
Music stars Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs and Elliot Gleave, aka Example, go head-to-head to test out Spotify in the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible and Jaguar XE.

Jaguar Land Rover is on a mission to transform the way we listen to music in cars. Recently, it had announced a unique collaboration with Spotify, the world's most popular music streaming service, to offer an app with readily available 'music for every moment' radio and personalised playlists based on users' tastes and in-car listening habits.

Musicians Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs and Elliot Gleave, aka Example, were first to try the app in the car before its official release, going head to head in a battle of music tastes. Each created a Spotify playlist featuring their top driving songs and took to the road in the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible and the Jaguar XE to pitch their playlists against one another.

The artists' playlists featured recent and classic tracks and included their latest singles, Kaiser Chiefs' 'Hole in My Soul' and Example's 'Later'. Both driving playlists are available now via the official Kaiser Chiefs and Example Spotify profiles. Example said, "It's great to be the first to try the new Spotify app in a Jaguar. It worked really well and I had fun setting up my winning playlist and chatting with Ricky, even if I did have to listen to his jokes." Ricky said, "I listen to music every day so it's important I'm now able to use the app while I'm on the move. I respect Elliot's music tastes, we'd even both included Jamie T, but my playlist was the best by miles."

Spotify, which launches this month in Jaguar Land Rover's InControl Apps library, delivers the best in-car Spotify experience. It mirrors the Spotify interface users will recognise from their smartphone with touch and swipe gestures to navigate content.

Tapping into Spotify's 'deep learning' which recognises listening habits, users can access personalised 'Just for You' playlists containing recommended tracks in the car, saving time scrolling through music on the move. Drivers in low-signal areas don't need to worry, as Spotify's 'Offline Mode' will display downloaded content despite poor internet connection.

Spotify for Jaguar Land Rover is the result of a year's worth of collaborative development between the two companies. The design teams set out to create a familiar and immersive experience designed for use in-car. Users can swipe horizontally to scroll through menus, which display rich album artwork tiles, all of which minimise distraction while driving.

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