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Text and Photos from DW Workshop | 13 October 2016
Tucked away in a corner of Rochester Drive, DW Workshop is strictly for those in the know. Its location is so hidden that you will first have to spot Rochester Mall and map out your way towards the black and white double-storey colonial house.
If you're looking for an invigorating experience, this multi-concept bistro and workshop tucked away behind Rochester Mall might just be your sanctum. Surrounded by lush greenery and housed in a charming black and white bungalow, DW Workshop not only serves up a delicious potato rosti, it is also a space where you get to learn concrete lamp making to paper marbling. 

Here are six reasons why DW Workshop isn't your usual hangout.

1. A heritage venue for modern times

Occupying one of the striking black and white colonial heritage houses behind Rochester Mall, DW Workshop is a stunning setting in which to eat, drink and create. Serving contemporary food and curated workshop experiences, this is the space to celebrate life. The juxtaposition of old yet modern, traditional yet cutting-edge, new yet comfortable - all well crafted and thoughtfully designed.

2. Thoughtfully designed

Curl up and chit chat at the fireplace or share your latest escapade with intimate friends. Personal conversations in a communal setting is recommended in the dining area and by night, stargaze while you lay comfortably out on the patio.

3. Great food

While good relationship nourishes the soul, good food nourishes the body. Try DW Workshop's signature potato rosti, its delicious crab salad croissant with poached eggs and crispy kale, as well as its various cold pressed juices. The menu is packed with clean, natural and options. Choose from a variety of quick and healthy lunch options packed with goodness to revitalise your day or invite your group of friends and share happy conversations through a hearty communal dinner. We believe that the best evenings are with friends where hours pass effortlessly and conversations flow naturally.

4. Coffee with character

With a choice of strong caffeine stove brew or a clean tasting cup of drip coffee, DW Workshop is here to put out artisanal coffee brew that satisfies your coffee cravings at any time of the day. Being the first in Singapore to run this brewer in a commercial bistro setting, Poursteady is a robotics-controlled coffee brewing apparatus that produces precision-pour patterns to replace the most difficult, time-consuming stages of the hand-brewed process. The result is a clean taste of gently filtered coffee with every sip. In need of a stronger caffeine kick? Have a full-bodied stove brew coffee concocted by the Italian moka pot where you are served a triple shot of espresso, the traditional way.

5. Specially-curated workshops

From concrete lamp making to paper marbling, repurpose your old clothes or paper pleating techniques, various workshops will cater to the a myriad of interests. Currently there are two on-going. The first of which teaches you how to create your own collage using recycle materials which you will then transfer onto concrete. Basic techniques of mould making, stirring and casting or concrete will be shared. The second shows you the basics of paper pleating and pairs this with dried flowers creating a mini handcrafted bouquet.

6. Bespoke experiences

DW Workshop can seat up to 100 people or hold up to 130 in a more casual standing event. Styling by DW Workshop can be arranged to create a memorable experience for your day or night celebration. All spaces in the house can be converted for the use for corporate or personal occasions.

DW Workshop
Where: 41 Rochester Drive (a five-minute walk away from Buona Vista MRT, for those who drive, kindly park at Rochester Mall)
Open: 9:30am to 10:30pm, daily
Info: Call 6659 0879 or visit www.dwworkshop.com

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