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Text by Sabrina Lee, Photos from FlowMotion | 3 January 2017
FlowMotion ONE is the first compact and wearable stabiliser, with world class stabilisation software. It turns any smartphone into a professional-quality camera, enabling anyone to capture smooth, vibration-free video.

At the size of a soda can, FlowMotion ONE can fit in your pocket, and is the only smartphone stabiliser which can be worn as a wearable or used as a handheld device due to the unique compact and portable design.

The One can be used with a smart handle with joystick, or attached to FlowMotion's carbon extension pole

ONE works right out of the box and can be used in three ways: Mounted to your GoPro or other camera mounts (helmet, chest mount, bike, etc.), paired with FlowMotion's smart handle with joystick, or attached to FlowMotion's carbon extension pole.

In addition to the stabiliser, the FlowMotion App provides auto-follow technology. Simply frame a target on the phone screen, whether it's a person or object, and ONE will keep it in focus, regardless of speed or terrain. Professional athletes and coaches are already testing out FlowMotion's stabiliser with great results.

"We use the FlowMotion ONE to film our athletes in training and at events to have the best footage possible for use in our social media platforms and for training purposes," said Denver native and current Head Coach of the Norwegian Freeski team, Luke Allen. "The ONE has been an invaluable asset in our filming arsenal!"

FlowMotion ONE can be pre-ordered from US$199 ($288) on Kickstarter and comes with a robust casing and charger. It is compatible with all iPhones 5 though 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy S4-S7 (and edge), Huawei Mate/Honor and Google Pixel.

FlowMotion, founded in 2015, is a technology company that produces video stabilising products that merry software and hardware solutions to empower users to be the best cinematographers they can be.

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