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Text and photos from The Finder | 21 March 2017
As much as we love our stylish stilettos, trendsetters say put your most practical foot forward with sneakers and fancy flatties. Here's how to style your flats to be just as figure-flattering.
1. Go Nude

The shoes, we mean. Go for a shade close to your own skin tone to make it look like an extension of your legs. If it works on heels, it'll work on flats, too.

Pointed shoes help to lengthen your feet, although you might want to skip them if you have larger feet
2. Flats with a low vamp

A shoe with a low-cut vamp allows you to show more of your feet, visually lengthening your legs and making them look longer and slimmer.

3. Solid, structured shoes

Shoes with a sturdier shape take the attention away from chunkier calves and ankles. Avoid delicate styles like ballet flats as they can add weight to your legs and make them look heavier. Try masculine cuts like brogues and loafers.

4. Pointy tips

Round-toe shoes can have a shortening effect that makes your legs look stumpy. Pointed toes help to lengthen your feet, although you might want to skip this tip if you have a larger foot - pointy flats might make them look disproportionately long.

5. Strip the strap

Ankle straps visually bisect the legs and add weight to your ankles. Flats with lots of strap details only disrupt your lean, leggy look.

6. Have your hemline above the knees

Pairing flatties with shorter hemlines gives the most exposure to your legs while remaining office-friendly.

7. Expose your ankles

They're the most underrated part of your body - draw attention to them!

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