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Text and photos from The Finder | 26 April 2017
Just a few kilometres and 30 minutes south of Singapore lies a secret beach with clear waters and white sands. Here are six fun activities you can indulge in on your visit to St John's Island.

1. Get to know some cats

There is a large stray cat population on St John's Island and they are used to the presence of humans, and can be quite friendly too (especially if you have food with you). It's almost like being in an outdoor cat cafe of sorts.

2. Join a guided nature walk

St John's is home to a large population of stray cats, and they are friendly in the presence of humans

St. John's Island is home to mangroves, coastal plants and coral reefs, and you can book a guided Intertidal Walk around the island. The Tropical Marine Science Institute, a local marine research facility on the island, also organises visits to the institute as part of its public education programme to create awareness in the marine sciences.

3. Hit the beach

St John's Island's best kept secret is actually another island of its own. Laidback Lazarus Island is linked to St John's Island by a little paved bridge that is easily accessed, and it is home to tranquil beaches and lagoons. P.S. If you're planning a picnic by the beach, you'll need to bring everything you need as food and drinks are not sold on both islands.

4. Explore further

From Lazarus Island, you can walk to yet another island, Pulau Seringat, to explore nature there. The place is relatively undeveloped but we hear it won't stay that way for long so pop over and venture if you have the time.

5. Book an island stay

Lazarus Island is just a short walk away from St John's, accessible by foot via a paved bridge

A holiday bungalow, furnished with cooking facilities, is available on the island and it can hold up to 10 people. For larger groups up to 60 people, the dormitory-style holiday camps are your best choice. Do note you can only stay overnight on St John's Island if you book these accommodations as camping is strictly not allowed.

6. Book a private yacht

Not that you needed any more excuse to visit this gem of an island, but you can even charter a private luxury yacht that'll take you on a cruise around the beautiful Singapore waters before taking you to St John's Island to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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