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Text and photos from Dainese | 13 June 2017
Berlin, a multicultural city that is a symbol of artistic avantgarde in music, architecture, design, is now home to Dainese's new Retail Store Concept that was launched on 9th June.
Berlin, a multicultural city that is a symbol of artistic avantgarde in music, architecture, design, is now home to Dainese's new Retail Store Concept that was launched on 9th June. The special setup of Dainese Store Berlin was developed according to a format created for Dainese by architect Renato Montagner, who drew his inspiration from Jean Prouvé's skilfully minimalist style and Tom Sachs' sophisticated use of raw materials, marking the start of a new experiential era in retail for those passionate about dynamic sports.

The new Dainese store in Berlin will have a focus on the brand's large motorcycle and Multisport collections
The store is a window into all the worlds of Dainese, with a big focus given to its large motorcycle collection - Racing, Touring and Urban - as well as the Multisport collections - Ski, Bike and Equestrian. Revolutionising the display concept that traditionally focused on the shop window and walls, the focus of attention now becomes the 'room in a room', a vibrant environment dedicated to special projects and storytelling that relates to new collections. One of these special collections currently being hosted is 'Anniversary', a tribute to Dainese's 45th anniversary and AGV's 70th anniversary, which together embodies 115 years of Italian passion.

During a visit to the new store, customers will experience a full emersion into Dainese and each world associated with the brand, along with an intuitive exhibition, in which suggested outfits for technical one-piece suits and Dainese's award-winning protective technologies, such as the D-air airbag system, the Pro-Armour range and special membranes are all illustrated with functional descriptions. The walls are organised according to different merchandise categories and are lined with helmets, gloves, shoes, boots and protective equipment by the two legendary brands.

The spotlight is also on the Custom Works area, which offers customers a tailor-made experience - just as the products do. As visitors to the store admire the mural installation with all the various elements that make up a racing suit, they breathe in the impressive workmanship and careful attention to detail, both of which are key ingredients in the creation of highly unique, top-performance pieces. Indeed, the customisation options are endless, thanks to a wide range of materials, colours, lettering and patches, which have the capacity to transform every biker's dream into reality.

"The creation of the new format constitutes a milestone in Dainese's history," states Dainese Group's CEO, Cristiano Silei. "After many months of research and engagement of our clients, we came up with an innovative concept that reflects our values, offering an engaging experience, following a multi-channel approach. The choice of Berlin as the first city where this concept was to be introduced was not coincidental. And it is in this avant-garde context that Dainese's omni-channel project will soon be launched, a natural and contemporary combination of online and retail store experiences."

Following the Berlin launch, the format will immediately be implemented with two big store openings in New York and Los Angeles. The planned renewal of all 68 stores across the globe will also begin at the same time.

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