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Text and photos from ZCOOP Singapore | 4 August 2017
We often blame a pimple breakout on the introduction of new products into our beauty regime, but did you know that the problem could lie with your everyday habits? Here are five ways how your daily activities might be aggravating your skin condition.
1. Letting people touch your face

Touching a partner's face might be a sign of affection, but you don’t know where those hands have been. In the same way that you shouldn't touch your mien without washing your hands, don't allow others to do the same to you. Those germs-infested hands might be the reason why your breakout is worsening.

It's always important to wash away your hair products and make up off every night before you go to sleep
2. Sleeping without washing off hairstyling products

Always wash your hair before hitting the sack if you've applied hairstyling products during the day, especially if you let your hair down at night. The products can rub on your skin, clogging the pores and causing breakouts. Think of it as sleeping with your makeup on, which is a definite no-no.

3. Not changing your pillow sheet often

You might not be physically active when you're sleeping, but your body still produces sweat, especially in Singapore's humid climate. So, just imagine how much sweat, dirt and grime you’re sleeping on if you don't wash your pillowcase often.

4. Not washing your makeup brushes or sponges

Do you know how much bacteria is accumulated on your brush after every use? A lot. Now imagine that amount multiplying because you don't wash the brush and instead, use it repeatedly. Now, that might explain why you've been getting those bumps on your cheeks.

5. Not getting rid of your constipation problem

If you're getting pimples on your chin or jaw line, chances are that you have a problem with your bowel movements. You need to solve the problem pronto because that's basically your body giving you warning signs. You can treat the blemishes with a pimple gel, but to prevent future breakouts, you need to nip the problem in the bud by improving your bowel conditions.