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Text and photos from ZCOOP Singapore | 28 September 2017
Here is a roundup of the most wearable fashion and beauty trends this season, and how to make them work for you this 2017 fashion season for that modern and trendy look.
1. Iconic Red Lips

Red lips never go out of style. And this season, they come in all shades and textures. Even if this has always been your beauty staple, subtle changes to your signature smackers can have a refreshing effect. Try a classic lustrous red for old Hollywood glamour or slick on a matte coral for an edgier finish.

Trade your blusher and bronzer for a highlighter or illuminator instead for luxe, glowy skin
2. Luxe Skin

Think of this as wearing the finest cashmere on your skin. The rich-girl glow is flawless, lustrous and elegantly pared down. Trade your contouring powder, blusher and bronzer for a highlighter or illuminator instead.

3. Go For Gold

A splash of gold is not only universally flattering, but also perfect for the festive season. Use it to light up your eyes or illuminate your face. Just remember to keep shine in check with a sebum control primer or blotter. Gold accentuates a greasy face in the worst way possible.

4. Twiggy Twirl

Blinkers get bold and beautiful. However, instead of just focusing on your top lashes, take a leaf from 60s style icon Twiggy and add an extra flick of mascara to the lower lashes as well. This opens up eyes and creates a retro, quirky doll-like effect.

5. Glamour Grunge

The smudged eyeliner look is less sooty than sophisticated this season. Trace your eyes with a pencil liner and smudge. Then, layer on your favourite charcoal eyeshadow. Finish off with mascara and a nude lip. Tip: Conceal dark eye circles when attempting this look - otherwise, you’ll end up with "panda eyes".

Strong brows frame the face beautifully, and go for a soft groomed finish to perk up your face
6. Natural Arches

Strong brows frame the face beautifully. But instead of unforgiving "Cara Delevingne arches", go for a soft groomed finish. This will perk up your face without overpowering your facial features.

7. Nude Nails

Nude nails perfectly complement your fall wardrobe. Good to know: On long and rounded nails, they have an elongating effect on your fingers.

8. Winter Glow

Trade sun-kissed lustre for frost-kissed skin instead this season. To make this look work, first perfect your skin with a radiant foundation, and dab a little on your lips as well. Condition your lips with a balm. Then, swap your powder blusher for a cream formula, and apply this blusher to your lip and below your cheekbones.

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