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Text and photos from Open Farm Community | 1 November 2017
Open Farm Community (OFC) welcomes award-winning nomadic culinary collective Paris Popup for 'Kampong French'- a three week restaurant takeover from 13th November to 3rd December.
Open Farm Community (OFC) welcomes award-winning nomadic culinary collective Paris Popup for 'Kampong French'- a three-week restaurant takeover from 13th November to 3rd December.

The Paris Popup, comprising of Julia Mitton (left), Harry Cummins (centre) and Laura Vidal (right), have been invited to take over the kitchen at OFC
Dreamed up by London native chef Harry Cummins and Montreal-born sommelier Laura Vidal at the height of the 'bistronomy movement' in 2012, the Paris Popup - pioneer of guerrilla-style, after-hours dining and winner of 'Best Pop-Up Restaurant of 2016' by Le Fooding, a popular French food guide - has been invited to take over the kitchen at Open Farm Community by food and beauty entrepreneur Cynthia Chua of Spa Esprit Group.

Having set up over 30 temporary restaurants in the past five years - across cities such as London, New York, Kyoto, Barcelona and Montreal - each pop-up is designed as an homage to the hosting city's produce at their freshest and finest, presented with a French savoir faire derived from Harry's culinary pedigree, which counts Gregory Marchand's Parisian cult bistro, Frenchie; and the twice-ranked world's best restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona, Spain, in its stride.

Kampong French, which marks the collective’s 35th pop-up, will live up to its reputation in the form of a three-week restaurant takeover at Singapore's OFC; where Harry will present an all-day dining menu of 12 small and sharing plates with a contemporary French flair, created using 70 to 80 percent ingredients that are sourced from farms in and around Singapore, including OFC's very own agricultural landscape. An omakase 'feed me' menu option will also be available, allowing Harry to showcase the season’s finest produce in abundance and spades.

Beyond the kitchen, Laura will guide diners through an eclectic selection of natural wines from some of her favourite winemaking regions, of which will eventually form the groundwork of OFC's ambition to phase into a wine list comprising 100 percent natural wines moving forward.

Arriving in Singapore for the first time a week before the pop-up, Harry and Laura will work closely with OFC's culinary team, helmed by Food and Beverage Director Sebastien Le Gall, and urban farming specialists Edible Garden City to build a network of local suppliers and farmers who will enrich and inform their menu.

The Paris Popup will source their ingredients primarily from local farms during Kamping French, including from OFC's own argricultural landscape
"Our sourcing is fiercely local," stresses Laura, "We believe that is what makes each pop-up unique to its location - by adapting to our surroundings and drawing inspiration from the locals who form the cornerstone of each city's culinary landscape. Singapore is the most exciting culinary territory in the world right now and I'm hoping we can do it justice."

Responsible for bringing the Paris Popup to Singapore is the founder and dynamic doyenne behind Spa Esprit Group, Cynthia Chua, who recognised the synergy between OFC's long-standing vision of deepening Singaporeans' relationship with food and farming, and that of Paris Popup to curate a truly provincial dining experience that is palpable yet one-of-a-kind to every city it manifests in.

"The DNA for Open Farm Community has always been clear since day one. More than just a restaurant with a garden, we envisioned a space that could inspire education and discovery of the food we eat and its origins, while bridging the gap between farm and plate. Having followed the Paris Popup around the world and witnessing first-hand their advocacy of this very movement, I am confident that they will be a breath of fresh air to Singapore's exciting culinary circles, while setting the stage for the next chapter of Open Farm Community," explains Cynthia.

Kampong French will take place from 13th November to 3rd December 2017, serving an all-day dining menu and 'feed me'menu available for lunch and dinner seven days a week. For reservations, please email enquiries@ofcsingapore.com.sg or call 6471 0306.

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