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Text and photos from Volkswagen | 20 November 2017
With the festive season soon upon us, Volkswagen has put together a range of decorations and gifts that feature one of the world’s iconic cars - the classic Beetle.
Volkswagen has worked with Austrian crystal experts Swarovski to piece together a gift that's extra special. Together, they have designed a light blue-coloured necklace that's available with three different charms. The necklace features a 'VW'roundel on the clasp and a T1 campervan charm. To enhance this already beautiful item is a collection of further charms. One is a stylish Beetle, in silver, and the other is a turquoise coloured suitcase. Both are decorated with Swarovski stones and are made in stainless steel with a karabiner-style clasp.

Decorate your Christmas tree with a set of Volkswagen porcelain baubles
Two suitcases sit on the roof of the Beetle charm, and the famous car has Swarovski stones on the bumpers, headlights and windscreen. The suitcase charm includes Swarovski stones on the edges. Both of the charms can be attached to a bracelet or a necklace.

Volkswagen's Beetle also makes a stylish festive addition to any well-dressed Christmas tree. The delicate Beetle ornament is painted in bronze and comes with a tie to affix it to the tree. Also available is a collectors' porcelain bauble. This is predominantly white and is painted with a bronze Beetle, which is parked in the snow. The item is finished with a 'Merry Christmas' message and a 'VW' roundel. It is delivered in gift packaging and includes a ribbon so it's ready to hang on a Christmas tree.

When all the excitement of Christmas is finished for another year, why not spend Boxing Day making Beetle-shaped cookies with a Volkswagen cookie cutter? We can't do anything to enhance the flavour - that's up to the chef - but the shape will be as recognisable as the classic Beetle. Each pack includes three different sizes of cookie cutter.

And for those who are perhaps a bit more energetic there are two Autoglym gift boxes available, the Perfect Interior pack and the Perfect Bodywork pack. The Perfect Interior pack includes Vinyl and Rubber Care, Fast Glass and Interior Shampoo. The Perfect Bodywork pack includes Extra Gloss Protection, Super Resin Polish and Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner - everything, bar the elbow grease, required to bring some festive sparkle to a cherished Volkswagen.

For more details on Volkswagen's comprehensive range of merchandise and accessories, please visit www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/accessories-and-merchandise.

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