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Visiting New York_37424_1.jpg
Bringing you and your ride to a new year with our Polish and Wax promo only @ $188!!!

CNY Festive Promo Car Polish & Wax Package Only At @ $188! Call Us Now!!

All Models
Service $188

give your car a very smooth feel after washing with 3M claybar
All Models
Brand New $18

Polish for clear coat vehicles. Highly used and recommended.
All Models
Brand New $8.90

The ultimate polish for perfectionists permanently removes fine scratches.
All Models
Brand New $60

A1 Polish & Wax creates a brilliant shine and long-term protection from weather and other environmental influences. Quick and easy applic...
All Models
Brand New $39.90

Product of Germany! A1 Plastic Protectant, shiny is suitable for interiors and exteriors. It removes polish and wax residues and creates...
All Models
Brand New $23.90

A1  Speed Polish_1.png
A1 Speed Polish ensures that fine scratches, dulled patches and grey haze in the paint caused by environmental influences disappear. Prod...
All Models
Brand New $33.90

A1 Speed Polish produces a new car mirror shine with next to no effort (just like dusting). A1 Speed Polish ensures that fine scratches,...
All Models
Brand New $21.90

Rapidly and lastingly removes scratches from paint and plastic in only one step. A1 Nano Scratch Polish removes scratches using the lates...
All Models
Brand New $26.90

Refreshes faded colours with extremely long-lasting action.
All Models
Brand New $23.90

Helps maintain headlight clarity for new & recently restored headlights.
All Models
Brand New $16.19

Low risk, dual-action, rotation and orbit pattern produces far superior results than mere hand application.
All Models
Brand New $375

Cleans and protects stainless steel exhausts, chrome wheels, chrome air intakes and all other polished metal surfaces.
All Models
Brand New $16.25

Superior hi-shine protection to preserve vinyl, rubber & plastic.
All Models
Brand New $16.75

Restore clouded headlights, to crystal clear, with no tools needed and fine finishing pads to remove oxidation.
All Models
Brand New $39.49

Creates rich shine & darkness on interior surfaces such as dashboard and door panels etc!
All Models
Brand New $15.45

Removes swirl marks, spider webs, holograms to restore crystal clear reflections and have a flawless, show-car shine.
All Models
Brand New $19.50

Maintain that "like new" look on dashboards, trim, tires and more.
All Models
Brand New $16.25

Make your wax protection last longer by removing above surface contaminants while restoring a smooth-as-glass finish.
All Models
Brand New $49

Removes Hidden Bonded Contaminants on your vehicles surface.
All Models
Brand New $15

Safely cleans ALL interior surfaces. Restores & protects the original appearance.
All Models
Brand New $13.80

Specially formulated to gently polish away water spots from paint, glass, chrome, hard plastic and metals.
All Models
Brand New $29.50

Guaranteed to help glass surfaces stay cleaner longer, reducing the time and effort spent on car care.
All Models
Brand New $12.45

Fast way to remove oxidation, tarnishes and stains for a brilliant finish.
All Models
Brand New $17.20

Safely restore color and clarity to abused and neglected finishes with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound.
All Models
Brand New $21.45

Rich polishing oils add a deep, rich, wet look to paint. Eliminates fine swirls, perfecting the paint prior to waxing.
All Models
Brand New $24.35

Easily removes contaminants and stubborn stains like hard water, bird droppings and oil.
All Models
Brand New $16.99

Long lasting defence against UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, stains and more.
All Models
Brand New $21.29

Virtuous Pro Part A  Part B 100ml_99485_1.jpeg
BUY ONE GET TWO FREE on Virtuous Pro Treatment. LIMITED TO 10 OFFERS - - - CHRISTMAS SALE. Dont miss this one out!!!
All Models
Service $980

ayicon NEW_63865_1.jpg
BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. LIMITED TO 10 OFFERS - - - CHRISTMAS SALE. Dont miss this one out!!! Call us NOW.
All Models
Service $580

Provides and keeps brand-new, deep original gloss of the painted surface of the vehicle.
All Models
Brand New $24.90
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