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NANONIX Diamond Dual Component 9H Ceramic Coating (With GK Detailing Polish)
$1,788 - $2,088
Car Grooming
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Posted on: 13 Aug 2019 | Updated on: 13 Aug 2019

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NANONIX DIAMOND is the Flagship product of NANONIX, The Premium Dual Component Ceramic 9H Coating from Japan that promises to upkeep the gloss and shine of your car, while giving your car a layer of protective 9H Ceramic Coating that resists light scratches, environmental contaminants, and also rock chips! Gloss level is higher than C7, due to the thicker coating! Only way to apply is by spray gun, professionally done to ensure all parts of the car are coated with NANONIX DIAMOND. Genuinely made in Japan, NANONIX DIAMOND hardens the surface of your car's paint to above 9H hardness, giving your car a protective barrier that will serve its purpose in the long run!

Advantages & Benefits:
πŸ’ŽHardness scale of 9H (SGS tested and certified)
βš—οΈPermanent Bond / Revolution Bonding Technology
πŸ’§ Super Hydrophobic
πŸ– Anti-Graffiti
❌ Advanced Chemical Resistance
⛔️ Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant
πŸ”₯ Temperature resistance
β˜€οΈ UV protection
🌈 Retains color
⭐️ 40% increase in Gloss level
🚿 Self Cleaning Effect
πŸ’― Back up with warranty
πŸ’° Wallet-Friendly (No More Polishing Require)
⌚ Last up to 8 years
πŸ™‹‍♂️ 2 Part Spray Application

Approved Applicator of NANONIX - Only for Professional Auto Detailing Providers, cannot be bought off the shelf!

*Price varies depending on Car Make and Model

Mobile : 96588936
Email : i...


Features & Specs

Made in Japan, Nanonix DIAMOND is SGS certified to be 9H Hardness and gives your car a 40-50% increase in gloss level! The thickness of the coating is significantly thicker as compared to the Nanonix C7!

Nanonix DIAMOND provides strong shielding protection against environmental factors such as UV Rays, Acid Rain, Scratches, Bird Droppings, and Chemicals. Its Extreme water beading will ensure easy maintenance!

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Address : 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #04-19 Premier @ Kaki Bukit S(415875) (map)
Office No. : 96588936 / 91551806
Opening Hours : 9am - 6pm (Mon- Sat)
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GK Detailing Pte Ltd
Address : 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #04-19 (415875) (map)
Phone : 96588936 / 91551806
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