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D1 Spec 3-Drive 9 Speed E Throttle Controller
$200 - $280
Brand New
Car Accessories
Suitable For
Posted on: 22 Nov 2018 | Updated on: 22 Nov 2018

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D1 Spec 3 Drive E Throttle Controller

3-DRIVE is a device designed for electronic throttle car models that gives you, the driver, the freedom to select the type of acceleration response you need or desire. A wide

variety of response adjustment can be yours: from Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response for speedy driving to a slower than normal response to enable eco-

driving even without thinking about it. 3-DRIVE is a next generation throttle controller for both Sports and Eco-driving.

Select from 3 types of accelerator responses to meet your driving needs:

Sports Mode : Our Sports mode can now go up to speed 9 (Sp9) for MAXIMUM acceleration and performance whenever you need it!

Economy Mode: Our Economy Mode up to speed 7 (Ec7) for excellent fuel savings and economy driving!

Normal Mode: Enables you to off the D1 Spec 3 Drive E Throttle Controller

D1 Spec 3 Drive E Throttle Controller can now be stacked on to further enhance the effect! Proven in many of our customers' rides!

We are able to modify on to cars with cable throttle such as Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, Subaru Impreza TS, KIA Forte / Koup, Hyundai Getz and many more!


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Features & Specs

D1 Spec 7-Drive could be suitable for electronic throttle car with specific cable set. You can set it in 3 modes with 12 steps setting.
  1. SP mode (SP): suitable for mountain & racing in very sensitive throttling.
  2. EC mode (Ec): suitable for driving in city within economic fuel consumption.
  3. Normal mode (nor): the original car mode.
SP 7 steps, nor single step, and Ec 5 steps for setting.

  1. Over speed warning.
  2. Avoiding from unintended acceleration.
  3. Power interruption memory embedded.
  4. Easy setup with specific harness.
  5. Increasing fuel efficiency by control throttle opening rate.

No more feeling lag on Auto car!
Cool device
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This product is suitable for Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai.


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