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Save our Singapore Specials - Adopt don’t shop


Posted by BabyBlade on 01 November 2018 - 03:36:53 PM

Hi all. Today I will be sharing a little something about what I've been quite involved in of late, especially since a passing of a very beloved furkid. And that is, the adoption and rehoming of stray dogs in Singapore. [flowerface] 


To those who are already dog owners out there but still have space at home, in your heart and abundance of love for another furkid, to those whose furkids have crossed the rainbow bridge but are now ready to love again... I appeal to you!


I will be posting from time to time, dogs that are up for adoption here from various rescue groups, and also appeals for fosterers while the rescue groups find forever homes for them.


If you are able to help, please do. If not, sharing the post to those who might be able to help would be very appreciated!


What's Singapore Specials?


This may be a term familiar to some, but unfamiliar to many. 


Singapore Special is a dog that is bred on the streets, a product of generations of varieties of different breeds of dogs.



The Singapore Specials are the street dogs, free breeding dogs, the dogs we loosely call 'Mongrels' before 'Singapore Specials' came about. The stigma against these pups are real. Most people are afraid of them, mainly because of their size. They're mistakenly portrayed to the public as "ferocious", untrained, and with the tendency to attack humans. 
The 'uneducated' and 'prejudiced' will shun these mongrels, and only fancy the pedigree dogs. What happens to the strays then?
Due to discrimination faced by these dogs (low adoption rate), our shelters are overwhelmed with them. Some of these dogs never made it out of shelters their entire lives and spend almost all their time confined to tiny spaces. They are grateful and excited when volunteers come in each week to bring them out - the only time they may spend outside of the shelter which they now call home.
Some are taken in by kind fosterers because a shelter is not exactly a very good environment to grow up in. Many of these fosterers will eventually become their adopters as they grow older and chances of getting adopted gets lower and lower. Due to the size of these pups, most of them are also not eligible to stay in HDB flats hence making their adoption rate even lower.
TEMPERAMENTS & TRAITS of the Singapore Specials
Since most of them have been rescued off the streets, industrial parks, and are not domesticated, they may have trust issues or certain personality traits that are genetic.
They are smart, can be house trained, but will require lots of time, patience and a forgiving heart. Most importantly, lots of love to give. Many of these rescue dogs also comes with separation anxiety (sometimes aggression as they are not used to humans) and may be prone to barking, whining, all of which will need time to condition and overcome with training.
Now, since they are of mixed heritage, usually the Singapore Specials are a healthy bunch of dogs and may require lesser veterinary attention than the expensive purebreeds. 
PROJECT ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs)
Project ADORE was started in April 2012, as a pilot by the Ministry of National Development (MND), Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and Housing and Development Board (HDB) to assess the acceptance of mixed-breed dogs in HDB estates if proper safeguards were in place.
Today, Project ADORE is supported by Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) – Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), Save our Street Dogs (SOSD), Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Exclusively Mongrels (EM) and Causes for Animals (CAS).
Under Project ADORE, HDB flat owners can adopt local mixed breed dogs, also known as Singapore Specials, which are up to 15 kg in weight and 50 cm in height.
These limits are comparable to the size of toy breeds allowed in HDB flats. Interested adopters are allowed to keep only one dog per flat and have to abide by stringent ownership conditions, including the sterilisation, routine vaccination and micro-chipping of the adopted dog.
New owners must also apply for an AVA dog licence for the adopted dog. In addition, new owners will have to enrol their dogs for obedience training courses at the point of adoption, and sign a Code of Responsible Behaviour (CORB) which includes requirements to ensure that their dogs do not cause nuisances to the neighbours.
To qualify under Project ADORE, your dog will have to:
  • Be a local medium-sized mixed-breed or “Singapore Special”
  • Be at least 6 months old and sterilised
  • Have a maximum weight of 15kg and shoulder height up to 50cm
  • Undergo compulsory basic obedience training by AVA-accredited trainers
Places you can adopt from:
These are just some of the shelters/rescue groups that I am aware of and can remember at this point. There are also many individual stray feeders etc who feed strays on a daily basis and even rescue+rehome pups. When I say pups I mean dogs in general, not just puppies. All puppies grow up really fast anyway. Don't adopt puppies just because they're cute. I'm sure you've heard this very often but we can't remind enough. For some, once the novelty of having a pup or new dog dies down, they don't receive as much love anymore. So before you adopt, please make sure you're ready for a lifetime commitment!
  1. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
  2. Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)
  3. Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)
  4. Exclusively Mongrels
  5. Causes for Animals (CAS)
  6. Animal Lovers League (ALL)
  7. Purely Adoptions
  8. Chained Dog Awareness Singapore
  9. Hope Dog Singapore
  10. Mercy Light Adoption
  11. Voices for Furbabies
  12. A Stray's Life
  13. Paws Angels
This thread is getting too long and I'll have to end off abruptly here for now. 
To be continued...




A new norm?! Link bridge funded by residents?


Posted by Carbon82 on 06 November 2018 - 03:00:32 PM

Seriously?! Where are we, or rather, Singapore heading to now? [speechless]

The problem exist because of poor planning (it may even be a cost saving effort by HDB when they are developing the estate), and now resident have to come up with their own money to overcome the issue they faced daily? What is next? Resident to build their own community / recreational center, install additional lifts, street lights, bus stops? Where is the $$$ with our MND / HDB / TCs??? [confused]

Are the residents required to folk out additional money to have the bridge maintain periodically too? [sweatdrop] And if there are any legal issues with the bridge (say structural issue, someone claiming damage for the use of link bridge, etc.), shall the residents be made liable for it, since MND, HDB and AMKTC can wash their hands off as the bridge was not built by them? [furious]


PM Lee opens new linkway at Sengkang tree-planting event

PM Lee opened a new sheltered linkway that will allow residents of the Fern Spring and Fern View estates bounded by Fernvale Lane and Fernvale Road to access the nearby bus stop along Yio Chu Kang Road.

It links the third storey of the multi-storey carpark at Block 404 Fernvale Lane to the bus stop.

Mr Gan, who oversees the Sengkang South division, said the linkway project was a community initiative mooted last year by grassroots leaders, who raised about $388,000 to build it. The linkway was completed just last week.

As most of the housing blocks are built on a slope, residents in the past would have to walk up a 40-step staircase from the ground floor of the carpark to reach the top of the slope, where the bus stop is located .

With the linkway, they can just take the lift to the third storey of the adjacent carpark and get to the bus stop without climbing the stairs.

"This is part of plans to make the neighbourhood more accessible for elderly residents and families with young children in prams," said Mr Gan. There are about 1,600 households in the Fern Spring and Fern View estates.

Former garment factory worker Teng Mei Foong, 65, is glad to see the new linkway.

"Walking up the stairs is very tiring for older people like us and residents have been complaining about this for the past four years or so. Now it'll be easier to get to the bus stop when I go to Chinatown to do some errands, or when I visit my relatives," she said.

每天爬40级梯级出入不便 盛港南基层与居民自发筹钱建衔接桥








Translate (the portion highlighted in RED) for non-Chinese reader:

The total fee for constructing the link bridge, valued at $388K, was fully funded by grassroot members, residents and other form of donations. Under normal circumstances, town council can apply to MND (CIPC) for such project to be funded. But when grassroot review the meaningfulness of the link bridge, they felt that the project can strengthen the cohesiveness of the community.

"Building the bridge is a kind act to the community... As such, when we started the project, we have decided NOT to apply for funding from CIPC, so that residents can contribute to it voluntary. This is a meaningful project, it allows all to have a sense of participation and belonging."

For those who did not know who is Gan Thiam Poh...






COE Bidding – 1st Round of November 2018


Posted by Carbon82 on 03 November 2018 - 11:33:31 AM

[flowerface] Community service time... [flowerface]


As usual, here are 2 useful links for our dear MCFers, who are following the bidding exercise:

Real Time COE Bidding Results

Check Your COE Bidding Status

[sunny] [sunny] Good Luck to all vested! [sunny] [sunny]

Past Bidding Results (2001 - 2012)


Past Bidding Results (2013 - 2018)



Trend Chart (Nov 2016 - Oct 2018) *chart taken from www.sgcarmart.com

PQP (2013 - 2018)

The details of the November 2018 first open bidding exercise for Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) are as follows:

Tender opens: Monday, 5 November 2018, 12 noon
Tender closes: Thursday, 8 November 2018, 4.00 pm
Tender results: Thursday, 8 November 2018 (Available on the www.onemotoring.com.sg website)

The total quota available for this tender is 5,094 for the following vehicle categories:

Category A: Cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,819
Category B: Cars (above 1600cc or 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,265
Category D: Motorcycles => 1,121

Category C: Goods Vehicles and Buses => 332
Category E: Open Category => 557




New Punggol link road to open about a year ahead of schedule


Posted by Wormee on 11 November 2018 - 09:37:29 AM

At last, 14 more days!


Punggol is getting its new road to TPE/KPE being Phase 1 starting 25 Nov 2018. Hope that it alleviates the peak hour jam (even on weekends).


Kinda of excited as I'm personally affected by the jam everyday. Let's look at the situation after it opens. But then again, it is during school holidays and the real situation should be reflected next year when school reopens.








Trip to New York with road trip to Niagara Falls


Posted by Adrianli on 11 November 2018 - 04:51:40 PM

My wife’s friend invited us to go over to New York, USA to visit her and stay at her place. So we agreed and planned for a visit in Autumn before the winter snow comes and it will be too cold to walk around. My wife’s friend stays at the suburbs of New York City but still within New York state so it is a good place to stay and still able to visit New York City.


After extensive search on various websites, we settled for Qatar Airways flight with a stopover at Doha, Qatar. Initially, wanted to try the SIA direct flight but wifey say she does not want to seat in the aeroplane for 19 hours and also the cost was more than double of what we can get on Qatar Airways.


We listed down the places of interest we wanted to visit since it was our first time to USA. And since it was NYC, most of the places will be what we saw in the movies and TV. Then we planned for shopping and throw in a road trip to satisfy my desire to drive long distances in USA. My wife’s friend provided some tips on places to visit and my colleague/trusted friend in the office provided me with lots of tips on what to see, where to eat and how to get around NYC as he is a regular to USA. His twin brother stays there and he visits him every year.



There was enhanced security check for everyone bound for USA at Doha, Qatar airport. They first check if you have ESTA, if yes, your name will be already on their list. Then it is time to strip down your clothes. No sweater or jackets, remove belt, footwear, keys, coins, wallet, hp and anything from your pockets. Next, empty all your hand carry items in your bag. All electronic devices like laptop, camera, drone, tablet, hp, etc must be placed separately in another tray. They wipe down all electronic devices and put the cloth into the ion scanner to check for traces of explosive/gun powder (I guess). I left my drone in my carry-on bag and when the x-ray detected it, was told to go back to the line and repeat the process again. Passengers were already boarding the plane while I was still going thru the checks. Many ppl were in the same scenario too.



Touch down in JFK airport. It was a wet morning. I left SG on Fri night and reached NYC on a Sat morning. Woohoo, as if time stood still. But in fact, it was already Sat night in SG. Have flown exactly 24 hours and the time difference between NYC and SG is exactly 12 hours. The queue at immigration was terribly long, 45 mins before we get to see the officer. And over here, they see u as a family. Ya, whole family stand in front of the officer and he ask questions and stamp passport. For us, he didn’t ask much as it was our first time there, only ask how long we will be in USA.


Retrieved our luggage and followed the instruction that Enterprise car rental had provided me. Took the air train to where all the car rentals are located. For Enterprise, got to take a shuttle bus after alighting from the air train as it was further away. The temp was around a cool 14°C.


Had booked a Rav4 but there was no Rav4 on site so the guy provided me with a Hyundai Tucson. Less than 10,000 miles on the odo, still got new car smell. Loaded our luggage and drove to my wife’s friend home, another 40+km away. Had to keep awake and ensure I drive the correct direction. Somehow lost my way while I was on the freeway as there was a split 3 ways and I guessed the wrong one. Did a few rounds in a neighbourhood and got back on to the freeway. Entrances to the freeway were not clearly indicated on the road, no big signboard.






Taobao opens first physical store in Singapore


Posted by ChaosMyth on 09 November 2018 - 09:56:04 AM

New guardrail system being tested to improve road safety


Posted by ChaosMyth on 13 November 2018 - 09:24:27 AM

Subaru issues two global recalls over faulty engine part, in


Posted by Jammy_buttons on 02 November 2018 - 08:08:26 AM

2 men arrested for setting off fireworks in little india


Posted by Yewheng on 06 November 2018 - 11:12:38 PM

China Trip


Posted by steveluv on 01 November 2018 - 12:29:16 AM

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