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Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/45/R17 Tyre
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$158 225 45 17"
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Posted on: 24 Dec 2019 | Updated on : 16 Jan 2020 | 209 views

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For West : Please call 66862255 . Tyres at Old Toh Tuck Rd

For East : Please call 68412255 Tyres at Ubi Ave 1

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Features & specs

Competition in the sport’s tyre segment is rife, while Continental has just launched the SportContact 6, Michelin is currently presenting the latest addition to its Pilot Sport range.


The Pilot Sport range has earned a solid reputation, especially for its most versatile version which until now was the Pilot Sport 3, a tyre available on the market since 2010. To ensure continuity, the PS4 goes even further than its predecessor offering significant progress in several areas, mainly thanks to Michelin’s experience in racing.


Driving Pleasure


Logically, the Pilot Sport 4 places the emphasis on driving sensations and pure efficiency. For this, its structure features a reinforced belt to keep any tyre deformation to a minimum and, as a result, improves driving precision, dynamic response and of course, the level of pure grip.




Geared towards safetyThe PS4 is a tyre designed to equip passenger cars. As such, it must deliver an excellent level of safety in all weather conditions. Its new tread compound has been developed with this in mind, just like its wide grooves providing efficient water evacuation. However, the brief presentation did not provide any further information about this new Michelin tyre. We hope to compare it with other reference tyres in the high performance segment in the near future to truly evaluate its potential. Let’s hope it achieves its efficiency.




The Pilot Sport 4 will be available on the market in January 2016, and initially, only in 17- and 18-inch sizes. New sizes will be available later, and in particular, 19-inch sizes.



Consumer Reviews
Was using stock 17" Michelin Primacy 3 and it's definitely not good for wet weather, and I was driving around 50-70km/hr and when i pass through a puddle of water, it didn't cut it but i feel like floating away from it. There was absolutely no grip on it. Change it to this Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and alot of my BMW friends say it's a very good tyre and you won't go wrong with it. Did review and google search on it and decided to plunge into it. No regrets choosing this tyres.
Reviewed by LawrenceLee_110640 
Swapped out my 16" stock Kumhos for 17" PS4 and loving them so far. Excellent road feel, grip and overall confidence in drive.
Reviewed by LionelBoon 

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