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  1. Heartlander

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    The best deal i ever got was usd10 per pair back in 2013 in a Levi store in Washington DC. Not during any festive season, sort of reject but cannot tell why inferior. Hooted 3 pairs and was so happy!
  2. Heartlander

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    Yah agree. I am short so was happy to buy 32" length type no need to pay to do sub-par alteration.
  3. Heartlander

    2019 Mercedes Benz GLB (X247)

    I would be frank that i have been swayed more by the road tax saving haha. FC should have been better too thus saving more money.
  4. Heartlander

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    For Chukka/Desert boots, read that Clark seems to be most popular and sort of iconic. I was given a pair just recently and find it quite ok, but never realised boots also got this huge following as seen in number of youtube videos, really mountain turtle haha. Actually now selling for about S$100 including shipping: https://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Mens-Bushacre-Chukka-Boot/dp/B01HMNCO9C/ref=cts_sh_1_vtp?th=1&psc=1
  5. I would like to get advice on driving in east coast of USA in December. As December always have likelihood of blizzards along the North belt, like what is happening now, may I know if anyone has personally experienced that in NY/Niagra/Tennessee areas? I assume it would stop traffic for a day or 2 due to poor visibility. This would be the greatest nightmare for me as my plan would be derailed and very hard to recover. Also if need to have tire chain/tire chain when driving in snow condition in those areas. I read that only a few states permit its use during winter. I would think that perhaps Smoky Mountain area and Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park might require if heavy snow. Anyone been there during mid December to share your experience? Would be covering about 200miles per day for my coming trip. Really keeping fingers crossed for good weather. Many thanks in advance.
  6. If the election results releasing tonight do not favour the protestors, can be sure mayhem will descend hk again very soon.
  7. Heartlander

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    Only in USA can this kind of thing be tolerated. But really so funny 😂
  8. Can consider drop by a 100yen shop early in the trip to buy some cushions to make the ride more comfortable. Please post some pictures if you willing to share haha, inspiration for us who have to travel in big groups.
  9. Heartlander

    Your loot of the day

    No need prescription. Just get from the pharmacist there and pay.
  10. Heartlander

    Your loot of the day

    Those who buy Colchicine regularly to relief their gout pain can buy them cheap in those Watson pharmacies in Malaysia. Just bought another 10 strips of 10 tablets for RM3 each in Aeon Bukit Indah today. With 10% discount due to membership, each strip comes to only RM2.70. To think my regular clinic charges me about S$10/strip!
  11. Heartlander

    Can WD-40 restore your wiper blades ?

    And plewse check that the wiper blade inserts are still in good shape. If got cracks, then nothing will be able to help except to change to ones.
  12. Hi-ace just need normal license. But need to go japan website to book, under V3 class. Normal license can rent cars/vans up to 9 pax, eg Hi-ace. https://rent.toyota.co.jp/service/car/class/charge.aspx?searchKbn=6 Those bigger van/bus that can carry 10 or more passengers (W4 class and Bus class) need a stamp chopped in the D box of IDP license when applying. Not sure if it is class 4 under our system. https://rent.toyota.co.jp/eng/drive/
  13. I can only remember that for Hi-ace, the 2 rear benches are fixed, not slide-able. Only last row can be folded down. And the cargo area is really huge, do not worry about space even with the benches in use. Yes can check out Elgrand for the 60/40 split seats. But my impression of Elgrand is not the last row is not slide-able. From Nissan jp website, 3rd row can slide 24cm, so quite flexible. If you are given the latest Elgrand edition, that is. https://www3.nissan.co.jp/vehicles/new/elgrand/function_detail3.html With dimension diagrams, you can actually measure your luggages dimension and see how you can fit them into the space, especially if can put 2 pcs side by side. Good luck.
  14. I rented the Hi-ace van for 4hrs from Namba area to drive from nearby Airbnb site to Rinku Town area few years back. More for convenience sake as quite a hassle to take train as a group as not so near to train station or limousine bus stop. Frankly not so comfortable though space wise definitely more than enough. But the ride difference with Alphard is really huge in terms of passengers' comfort. That is why I am trying hard to steer Atrecord back to Alphard haha. But ultimately he has to decide if it is adequate.
  15. Alphard/Vellfire for rental in Japan only got 8-seater and fabric only. Both rows seems seated quite high. And the last row in last picture should have been pushed forth to the max, seems can put 4 of smaller luggages upright. If can, then the rest can put infront on the floor flat. Best is trouble your friend again to try out with actual luggages you using.