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  1. Let it burn else our terminals all empty. Hong Kong is gone for sure
  2. Ye... mine already itch and I’m looking around for new ride
  3. Corporate world is different from SAF, and they still don’t get it
  4. Porche

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    So how much does a similar varta or Bosch battery cost?
  5. Porche

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    Don’t worry about feeding extra 26 in changi? U think those prisoners idling in Changi? They need to work as well, bulk of the income is towards feeding themselves and small token as their income
  6. Porche

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    This is not any drug abusers where rehabilitation will work. This is just another escape route for these perverts to get away with it, machiam like murderers with mental issue to escape the gallows
  7. Porche

    Cars@expo 2019

    Sob sob miss the boat
  8. Porche

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    If victim says she doesn’t want the siao Kia to have more heavier punishment on him. Majority wants it cos it will set a new level to deter the rest of the peverts. Anyway even they stick to the original punishment with the media coverage, I don’t know this boy can held his head up back to school. How the classmates and lecturer will see him, the pressure will be there unless he treat them as transparent
  9. Porche

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    Even his father is a driver and mother is a housewife doesn’t give him an excuse not to be punished for what he did
  10. Porche

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Anyone on Piecha exhaust?
  11. Porche

    8th Gen Toyota Camry (XV70)

    Toyota for reliability, Benz for comfort. I driven both, if I were to get Jap no brained definitely a Toyota. More reliable car I even owned 7 years without major breakdown
  12. I think we are the first in the world to have additional horn for military vehicles and reverse camera for tank
  13. Porche

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    I did 1K too, mine also PI. Nice ride what color you get?
  14. Porche

    8th Gen Toyota Camry (XV70)

    It’s consider a good buy till taxi also come along using Camry. Damn sian if you got a black one