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  1. Ms_Wadever

    QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating

    how long will it take for the toughguard coating. What will the price be like for Honda Accord?
  2. Hi guys, i want to get the Apexi open pod power intake from ARK motorsport which they listed in mycarforum. Have been trying to call their sales line which is stated in their adv, but there's always noone to answer! Anyone know if the shop is still operating? Or where can i get this product?
  3. Ms_Wadever

    Car Wrap or respraying of the car?

    my fren has did a full wrap at Wrapstyle. he was very satisfied with the result though. You may wish to find out more from Edison whom liase with my fren. A very friendly chap you can also find more about them below: http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=14578
  4. Ms_Wadever

    Is he trolling or just stupid?

    tis thread really make my Friday even lovelier! Cant stop laffing!!! [laugh]
  5. Ms_Wadever

    Songs of the past

    WOW! all memories! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Il0n9XSMY
  6. Ms_Wadever

    Sonax PPS

    tried their nano polish for my car at the Bukit Batok Autobacs branch. A great deal as they are having 20% opening discount! juz a bit ma huan, need to go in to Autobacs for payment la.
  7. Ms_Wadever

    Taiwan: Lobang for chauffeur service at Taiwan

    Taiwan is quite famous for their nitelife rite? Definitely better den the sg one! thank u so much
  8. Ms_Wadever

    Singtel to charge for whatsapp and skype?

    Can try Telegram. It works similarly like whatsapp. Can secret chat somemore
  9. Ms_Wadever

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    Is not late though! So u should noe wad to do le hor lolz
  10. Ms_Wadever

    Words from a third party (in a relationship)

    I tink basically juz no commitment is needed. Got time den entertain, no time den hack care. At the same time, can target a fews. Like den hook on, dun like den hunt again
  11. Ms_Wadever

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    Den enjoy this SPECIAL day while u still can before u find one!
  12. Ms_Wadever

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    Single more jialat! dunno who to find... too many options le
  13. Ms_Wadever

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    wahahaha... instead, give cash better!
  14. Ms_Wadever

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    Just For Laught! Happy Valentine Day to all bros & sis 今天就是 小三和正房 搶一個男人的日子, 是玫瑰花 升值的日子, 更是大造活人的好日子! 下午四點,花店的老闆笑了; 傍晚六點,餐館的老闆笑了; 晚九點,夜店經理笑了; 子夜,汽車旅館的老闆笑了; 隔天,藥房的老闆笑了; 一月後,婦產科醫生護士都笑了。 祝大家情人節快樂!
  15. Ms_Wadever

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    Maybe call it a broke day? Pocket big big hole liao for 2 days of celebrations. Lagi worse for those who might have 1 or more mistressss!