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  1. Tit for Tat will only cause more damage. Dont know is Pro china people who did it, or just certain group trying to flame the situation to new height.
  2. At the end of the day just a huge bunch of cowards, non of them dare to take on a group of police themselves. While those individuals that choose to take a stand for what they value has so much more in them. Im sure not all protesters advocate violence, if the approach already drift from your original ideas. Its time to stay at home and disassociate yourself from such Terrorist like behavior. When your a small bully what right do you have to complaint about bully by someone bigger?
  3. Bacteria83

    INEOS159 Challenge, can he break 2?

    Simply amazing, i think they could really do it!!
  4. When i express a different political view, im beaten. when i tell others that we are all chinese, im beaten. when i stop you from burning my shop, im beaten. Why all of you like to provoke people, never provoke me i dont need to do all these. If yesterday that girl cover herself more, that rape case where will take place. Aiyo why all of you ask for all these. I dont want to do it, stop provoking me. The girl could wear more to protect herself, just like HK giv could have handle the situation better. But it still dosent give people the rights to rape a girl, same goes to those rioters.
  5. For GDP wise HK wasnt important to China, but it need to show the world he will keep it words as a one country two system independent State. I personally dont feel HK is that much as a door to China compared to last time.
  6. anyway is their own life suffering disruption, HK represent 3% of China GDP only. if they want unleash the army will only be because they want to send a message, nothing else.
  7. Hk rioter do not have empathy and expect foreign nation to empathise them and render help. Pick your fight against the Gov, stop abusing and bullying those citizen that dosent support ur political view. leave law enforcer family alone. Rioter are behaving like big bully. 己所不欲,勿施于人. Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you!!
  8. Lets Bring it home this Yr!!! Neutral expect puppy wolve to turn up, saw werewolf instead.
  9. We are lucky to get the Full three point, milner was outstanding. Great energy from the Anfield crowd. We are Liverpool, lets bring the Baby home this yr!!
  10. Cant blame Police anymore for firing, Their life be it on duty or off work are seriously being threaten. If im a policeman seeing a group of mob coming for me, i dont care you carry weapons or not. I will also feel that my life is on the line. There is so much tension between both side, Is really sad that it evolve to this stage.
  11. Bacteria83

    Getting job after retrenchment: What will u do?

    Is all about value. If company give him 100k a yr and his able to bring 1mil nett profit. His an asset, that imo should wait for the a while more. If he dosent really offer much better accpet reality and move on.
  12. Their intention is to seriously hurt that police officer. Even they nv carry weapons like hammer, spanner, brick and metal rod (all these captured by the video footage). They could still seriously hurt or kill that police with their fists and kick. So They want the police officer to have a good look and check the weapon ah? On this want pvc pipe, give u back you can continue to hit me with your gang?
  13. Bacteria83

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    You cant escape under the eye of the law
  14. Both side shown plenty of heart and desire. Defence and attack both operating bit poor today, certainly Not at our fluid best End of the is the three points that matters. If you want to be Champions you need to able to grind result like this.
  15. Bacteria83

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Seem like a PHD altis, Ferrari should not avoid him, can still claim 50-50.