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  1. Thermodynamics

    Sintel's MIO plan

    Its BB connection + home line + mobile is the attraction. I see mio tv as an extra freebie thrown in. In terms of content wise I still prefer cable tv. Home line can choose 2 types: digital or analogue. Digital means your home calls are thru your internet modem. Analogue is the conventional phone line thru your phone jack. Your mobile remains the usual mobile line, not the VoIP type. Call clarity is the same. I think the best person to answer all your queries is the customer service officer. Call up to ask is the fastest.
  2. Thermodynamics

    Sintel's MIO plan

    They will give you new modem. Don't worry. The overheating problem is over exaggerated. Depending on your usage pattern, you can use mio voice top up $3 to get free calls in+out. If not stick to analogue type with free incoming and paid outgoing.
  3. Thermodynamics

    Parking @ Kallang Mac/KFC

    Don't be a cheapskate. Got money buy car yet no money to pay for parking?
  4. Thermodynamics

    I40 / 2011 Hyundai Sonata (undisguised)

    Looks good.
  5. Thermodynamics

    New 2010 Hyundai Tucson

    Nice ride
  6. Thermodynamics

    Hyundai Advante vs Kia Cerato Forte vs Honda Fit

    For the 3 models compared here, if your friend is a Honda badge whore, then go for fit. Otherwise Avante auto is a better choice. Forte looks nice only. Between hyundai and kia, I will go for hyundai. I also want to add. All new cars should last for 10 years if you maintain it well. Whether a car can last 10 years or not, still must go for regular servicing. Hyundai has very affordable spare parts that keeps maintenance cost down. Honda's servicing is not cheap. Not alot of people will drive their cars for full 10 years. Say is easy but in reality, most backside itchy after 1-2 years. Some also use this as an excuse to take 10 year loan.
  7. Thermodynamics

    Teacher insult student Mum

    I don't think the teacher will lose his job by calling the parent an idiot. I like guai lan teachers. Newspapers always like to exaggerate stories. I think the incident is blown out of proportion. Only newspaper or reporters with no creative content dig nitty gritty stories to publish. KNN, if every "idiot" uttered by a teacher is reported by newspaper, I think advertisement has no space in papers already. I think the real idiot in this incident is the reporter who wrote the story.
  8. Thermodynamics

    Shell tml 4-5pm 44cents petrol off

    The intention is good but some motorists here are a disgrace.
  9. Thermodynamics

    Hyundai i30 station wagon

    The name is i30 CW. Wheels and Torque magazine gave a favourable review for this ride. This car is made in Hyundai's plant in Europe. We are getting the full spec version here. I see it as a replacement for matrix. The reason why i30 and i30 CW will not catch on in Singapore is because majority still favour sedan or mpv.
  10. Thermodynamics

    Encounter with Taxi Road Rage - Pls advise.

    Do the society a favour. Proceed the charge.
  11. Thermodynamics

    Suzuki APV: What do you think of it?

    Is the height of APV an issue in MSCP here and in boleh land?
  12. Thermodynamics

    Suzuki APV: What do you think of it?

    Not really. I would still prefer the APV due to its van's roots. And I am not comfortable of proton cars.
  13. Thermodynamics

    Suzuki APV: What do you think of it?

  14. Thermodynamics

    Suzuki APV: What do you think of it?

    What's the reason? Care to share?
  15. Thermodynamics

    Suzuki APV: What do you think of it?

    SBS bus even taller and carry more people right? Never hear about it toppling over before. I don't drive fast. It's my habit. Even if I like to, this car wouldn't allow. 1.6A hauling 6-7 pax, how fast can it go? So kupping corner, corner grip and body roll all this stuff never bothers me when I shop for a ride. I just want something easy on the pocket and practical. I think this ride is pretty popular in Indonesia and the Philippines.