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  1. Myxilplix


    Street Superior coming again, this time at Scape. November 2nd & 3rd.
  2. Myxilplix

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    Thanks! A few minor things left for the contractors to sort out but they'll be doing another clean-up tomorrow. Yeah i've been coming to Tuan Yuan on and off since they first opened. I remember they were handing out their business cards towards the end of their tenure at Keppel. So happy to have BKT "downstairs".
  3. Myxilplix

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    This might be the forever home so no need to think about selling. Buying at this type of pricing means there is very little potential for the upside if want to sell later on.
  4. Myxilplix

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    Block correct but mine is not million-dollar flat 😛
  5. Myxilplix

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    Finally moved in last weekend, cos no choice had to handover my old flat to the buyer. Reno not completed yet cos of issues here and there, so wifey and me on leave this week to jagah the house while the contractors come and go (and make those on the spot decisions). It's been a long wait and we're still not fully unpacked because of the ongoing work but still feels good to be here and fingers crossed the work should be finished by Monday.
  6. Myxilplix


    People in singapore getting more aware of streetwear/sneakers lah. My wife has some family visiting from UK and the son rolls around with Off White Jordan 1s as his daily beater. Cut off the tag and got thread fraying type but he fark care. Kena stares everywhere.
  7. Myxilplix


    Swee! I still got no customs....yet.
  8. Maybe i've been away too long, but congrats on the baby bro! Shitty luck with the porch, reminds me of Nick Murray on youtube and his issues with not one but two brand new 911 lemons. Hope it gets sorted...eventually.
  9. Myxilplix


  10. Myxilplix

    PC show 2019

    Yeah our team is small but we're out of spare laptops already, so bo pian buy a new one lor. Cheap cheap can liao. If decent spec at less than 1k even better.
  11. Myxilplix

    PC show 2019

    I'm going but dunno which day. Got a new staff joining our team next week and need to get him a cheap (1k budget) laptop to use. Also can looksee looksee if i can get anything for the new house
  12. Myxilplix

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    The latest SBF got 40th floor 5-room until at City Vue @ Henderson, going for 809k. Last year got 20-something floor unit in this stack which i was considering, but tried luck by applying for dawson instead. Should be quite a nice view from this unit since it's elevated land.
  13. Myxilplix

    Game of Thrones

  14. Myxilplix

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Saw this lovely little thing yesterday, looks well taken care of. Interior looked fresh, deffo been re-upholstered. GTti.
  15. This one can check their website for pricing cos they have per hour / per day rates (minimum 4 hrs). Agar agar an a3 sedan/sportback is about 160 for 24 hrs.