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    Who like cats?

    this thread suddenly took on a chilling feel. come, let me share a pic fm a few mths ago... black cat ambushed me at carpark and wanted to rub against my ankles. I got a shock and jumped back a few steps. It then lay belly up on the ground n slid on the ground towards me. Not sure what it was thinking but very cute and friendly (or so I thought).
  2. possible for some of the violent ones. It's like being addicted to the high...
  3. JohnSHL

    Marathons in Singapore

    I participated in the inaugural 2nd bridge run in 1999 from Tuas to johor and back. 21km. All the water points (5/10/15) were dry, even at the end point. And we weren't stragglers; timing was below 2hrs but we were somewhere in the middle of the pack. Pitied the ones behind us After a quick rest at the end point, went to a petrol station to buy 1.5L 100plus. first n last time joining that event. Nowadays the events are much better run (no pun intended).
  4. yes and tell their friends they earn 4-5k but tell their spouse they earn 2k
  5. agreed. TL; DR version - they didn't want to admit a mistake(s) because very siah suay, so instead of doing a U-turn, they did a 360deg on a roundabout.
  6. JohnSHL

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    this type of dual range gearbox is more commonly found in vehicles designed to go off-road, such as the Land Rover Defender. My 2001 Subaru Forester also had this hi-lo function (mated to a 5MT), but the low range gear ratio reduction wasn't as hard core as the one in the Defender. Probably saves weight (and space) compared to a 10speed gearbox
  7. why only 10k? limited by the $7mil grant? https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/pmd-more-than-85000-e-scooters-registered-deadline-closes-lta-11679984 this article says 85k registered e-scooters as of 30th Jun. Now perhaps closer to 100k?
  8. few mths down the road (no pun intended), there will probably be more PAB incidents - a % of which will be gruesome and/or fatal - and we will then get roti telur bawang with kari ikan fresh n piping hot fm policy makers.
  9. to complicate things further, Temasek is one of the investors in Grab. Not sure if they hv interests in the other food delivery companies.
  10. I understand some delivery riders bought LTA-compliant scooter via installment scheme, thinking they can pay off the installments from delivery fees.... now kena stuck with paying installments. And probably can't sell the scooter without incurring significant losses.
  11. unfortunately a lot of people (and I include our some of our policy-makers in this group) seem to be short-sighted and lack foresight. gig economy workers may be split into two types: the high value-added,high pay type, and the other type. Gotta be the former category if wanna do gig economy long term.
  12. have to respect this guy (and other delivery chaps) for the effort in improving their lot. however, I suspect a significant portion of the earnings are from incentives. As we saw from the ride-hailing (Uber, Grab) industry, these incentives to contractors are not permanent and subject to change once the competition landscape changes. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/grab-cuts-user-discounts-and-driver-incentives In other countries, we have seen such contractors go on strike/protest/rally when the company reduces incentives or payment schedules. And this was recently in the news too https://sg.news.yahoo.com/trouble-cooking-grubhub-uber-eats-120357207.html If F&B outlets reduce their commission paid to the delivery companies, how will the delivery companies react? Reduce payments to deliverymen or increase delivery fees from customers to cover the revenue deficit? Will customers be willing to pay higher delivery fees (or a tip) to help the delivery rider sustain a better quality lifestyle for him and his family? Also, not sure if the person included CPF into his calculations. And medical coverage.
  13. JohnSHL

    AAS membership ?

    yes but both are open to public (non members). Just pay slightly higher price.
  14. JohnSHL

    AAS membership ?

    AAM was struggling financially last I checked. Not sure of their current situation. none of my msian friends have AAM membership Or at least, no one mentioned it before. All use private tow truck/flat bed arranged by preferred workshop.
  15. JohnSHL

    Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS link

    hope they don't screw up the structural design. For example, when entering Msia via woodlands, the msia counter for immigration and paying toll (TnG, RC) isn't physically long enough to process cars at both functions concurrently. The car behind usually has to wait for the car ahead to pay the relevant tolls and move off BEFORE it can reach the immigration officer's window. Maybe it was designed with Myvi size in mind. Or give the immigration officer a break in-between cars.
  16. JohnSHL

    Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS link

    kena pressured subtly https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/johor-singapore-rts-project-sultan-gives-consent-hand-over-land-11503366
  17. JohnSHL

    Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS link

    and that's only the immigration (stamp passport) section what abt the customs side?
  18. JohnSHL

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    the last couple of times I tried to top up at Watsons, they told me they only top up watsons card (which also has a TnG function). In different Malaysia states, same response. Tesco so far ok.
  19. JohnSHL

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    yes. also received it in WhatsApp. I almost fell off my chair when listening to it
  20. JohnSHL

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    it's our local version of DLLM. usually not to be taken literally.
  21. the cam seems to be mounted pretty high. Might not be a car per se. perhaps a tall MPV or cargo van? but yeah, probably didn't want to take the corner quickly but slowed too early for the amber.
  22. I have a video of a collision on AYE (towards Tuas) from a couple of days ago. A white Toyota van moved fm lane two to lane three and side swiped an innocent Mitsubishi van in lane three then quickly veered back to lane two. The Toyota braked n slowed down as I went past the scene but I can't tell if it stopped and exchanged particulars with the Mitsubishi. I managed to get a clear shot of the Toyota's plate, but only a blurred shot of the Mitsubishi plate. Both are SG plates, not Malaysian. How do I get the video to the Mitsubishi owner (and or it's insurer)? I am concerned it may kena 50-50 liability due to side swipe. Fortunately the damage didn't seem too bad on the Mitsubishi. I'd rather not send the video to the usual fb/youtube channels for a public lynching. GPGT
  23. JohnSHL

    Airbnb for cars

    u mean the person that rented the car? good question. Dunno… tricky... what if the lack of maintenance directly or indirectly led to a car accident/collision? or say.... engine oil leak while driving. Engine run out of oil. Engine overheat and bearings seize. Who settle? Or same case but with coolant running out. if battery died, cannot start in the middle of the rental period how? even if renter not liable and no accident/collision, is the inconvenience/headache worth it? might as well take Grab.
  24. JohnSHL

    Airbnb for cars

    IMO, the only type of people that will rent out their car in this manner are those that don't care too much abt the car. i'm not sure if I want to rent a car from car owners with such perspectives, esp if it's an older car with more maintenance requirements. I'd rather rent from a proper professional rental company where there's a higher chance that the car is properly cleaned and maintained. hopefully this Drive Lah has a good review system for both owners n hirers.