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  1. Xanavi

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    Singapore now hot?
  2. Xanavi

    Manual gear cannot engage

    Change clutch. I am serious. It is the clutch
  3. Xanavi

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    Y leh?
  4. Xanavi

    Pervert on MRT!

    Why people say he handsome? Really handsome meh? Curious.
  5. Not sure. But based ob the videos, doesn't seem normal. Other than the subaru overtaking earlier, I actually don't think they were driving recklessly as such it caused lost of control of vehicles.
  6. Was that the subaru in front?
  7. Xanavi

    Will u buy Diesel or Petrol Cars in SG

    Can't priase you yet bro..Yap, guess they thought peak torque comes at every redline too...
  8. Xanavi

    Ask to pay additional income tax to iras

    It said LPR (Legal Personal Representative), maybe similar to Official Assignee (OA) of Bankrupt ba. Not need to pay out of own pocket I think. I no know well, maybe some lawyer can explain.
  9. Amazingly, the actual reason was mental horse power +500mhp than the +15bhp after force induction.
  10. I do this for all the time I drive. 99% of the time. Simple and fuss free. Didn't even think of the rationale. Just habit. Like switching off lights and fans when leaving house. Haha.. TS, dont think so much. Prolong or not, maybe differences is minimal, no statistics, but batt, 2year change. Engine just regular servicing. Alternator, 7 years? Aircon, mine around 7 year change compressor, and clutch. Also dont know is it normal or not. Dont think so much. Think about what beer to drink tonight bro! You mean brake or clutch?? Dont yell at wife lah... cheers.
  11. This type.. if both ok.. just kiss and make out in either car. Nevermind la. This type.. if both ok.. just kiss and make out in either car. Nevermind la.
  12. Xanavi

    Sayonara Tamiya-san

    RIP. Your cars were part of my childhood. Remember my Avante and Vanquish. Thank you.
  13. Tragic. For everyone. Hope the baby is well. Carry on living for her who loved her and for those who will love her.
  14. Xanavi

    Good and Bad Number Plates

    97 nicer. My opinion.