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  1. Thanks drafting88, I received the coupons through mail.thanks for sharing
  2. Thanks drafting88, I have pm u already.
  3. This is my first time to reply.normally I just read threads only.so pardon me I dono how to pm u.
  4. How do u get the Tampines spc voucher?need to go to the station n pump?i work ard Tampines area so can go there pump.thanks
  5. Ahteeahto

    Caltex & SPC Fuel Voucher Giveaway (Oct18)

    I saw got spc voucher given out at Tampines area but not sure the exact location.if anyone know can share.thanks
  6. Tampines spc 529679 but not sure is it from petrol station or give to those stay near the station
  7. Ahteeahto

    Esso discount voucher

    No problem.Thanks.
  8. Ahteeahto

    Esso discount voucher

    Ok thanks.i m not private hirer.n I just read post normally.don like to post or write anything.just Wan to save some petrol money.just too late to take for the yck n Sembawang.the last previous one I managed to take n used.i take just enough for my car.
  9. Ahteeahto

    Esso discount voucher

    Can I have the July Sembawang coupon?thanks Can I have the yck May coupon?thanks