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  1. Jimmychan62

    Amaron Battery

    Hello fellow car owners, Does anyone knows where in Singapore can I find the person or representative (directly) who deals with Amaron car batteries? It is about warranty matters. With many thanks ahead.
  2. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue beware!

    I installed my 2-channel in October last year. The unit either shut itself off during very hot weather like these days OR worst render my car battery flat if you ON the unit at the Power Magic. Able to us 64 GB but may go haywire at times! Installer suggest JUST 32 GB! That is, it is just good when driving AND NO GOOD for parking mode (just 3-4 hours before it flattened your car battery!!) Yes! I went back to the installer who is now suggesting a replacement of power magic for another ADDITIONAL $388 (beautiful number isn't it??) battery pack (batteries similar to handphone) just to power Blackvue. Yes! Both power magic and Blackvue has a "one year warranty" and the installer claimed that they no more install power magic AND most "small" car owner come back to install their $388 battery pack! Isn't this falling under the Lemon Law? So, people, don't simply think that a Made-in-Korea product is good judging by its video output. Careful of who your installer are!
  3. Jimmychan62

    Any good workshop?

    Need to service my 10 year old Toyota Vios. Any reliable and honest recommendations around Toa Payoh and Hougang area? Need to repair the driver seat power window and petrol level too. Thanks ahead.
  4. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    My friend got one 2 months ago, and he has been complaining day in day out. It is now with me as a "toy" reject, for me to experiment! YES! Damn China-made and of inferior quality. You can find many online; just the brand. Technical support is almost next to zero, locally although it has "one year warranty". Even the car mount's screw dropped out due to heat! Go for the better Korean-made DVR.
  5. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    Where did you guys buy Blackvue DR400G-HD II from? Locally or Ebay or somewhere else? What's the prices?
  6. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    Korean Navicam NC-1000W - has wi-fi link (8 meters) so no need to physically remove card/camera (as in Blackvue) to view content which also can be accessed via a mobile phone. http://www.blackboxclub.co.kr/posts/view/1199 http://www.hmart.com/shopnow/shopnow_newsu...p=9771210107049 Google search: http://www.google.com/search?q=Navicam+NC-...1I7ADFA_enSG482 Cool! One feature up on Blackvue. Best! It uses the normal SD card and big enough to handle as compare to microSD. I have wrote in (the Ebay seller below) but still no reply. I think everything will be in Korean But this Ebay seller has a good description in English: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Navicam-Car-Black-B...=item3cc482d4f7
  7. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    Warranty and after-services (for resellers) how leh?
  8. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    So who is the (sole?) agent for Blackvue? I saw this brand at Comex 2012 (ZMC), Sim Lim Square #01, Ebay and www.blackvue.com.sg
  9. Jimmychan62

    24 hrs installation of car alarms

    My car got a hit-and-ran recently. The front right corner bumper got a hole on it. Unfortunately I OFF the car alarm because the horn wasn't working (got it replaced). If it is normal alarm-ON will the car alarm make noise with this sort of impact? This is the first time so excuse me if this is a stupid question. The car concerned is a Toyota Vios. What other alarms do you guys recommend?
  10. Jimmychan62

    SD card with Built-In 802.11n Wi-Fi

    Read that it can auto-upload whatever is inside the card when a trusted wi-fi spot is within range like your own wi-fi, to your NAS. How nice if it can also auto-upload clips from a car DVR.
  11. Jimmychan62

    Testing battery health

    My car mechanic simply use one year and a half to change my car battery. Is this a right "parameter" to change it? There seemed to be no sure way to tell if a battery is going flat when the 1 1/2 year approaches. Oh yes from my experience; it takes more than once to ignite the car. Does this thing works? http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...p;product=27023