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  1. Tomvfree

    Subaru Owners.. (Part 2)

    Thanks for sharing. For front sub replacement not much of issue since KYB is one of the compartiable part, biggest challenge will be rear as my mech did told me for stock air sub is very costly hence, I'm considering once and for all to replace coilover but just septical will it turn out like driving a tank.... bumpy and noisy.
  2. Tomvfree

    Subaru Owners.. (Part 2)

    Apparently "Silver's" coilover market at $1380 from Mcwell Ventures with 12mths+another 6 mths warranty and one free adjustment. How's ur D2 sub performance so far and on what vehicle bro?
  3. Tomvfree

    Subaru Owners.. (Part 2)

    Thanks for the info's bro. What do you reckon to replace adjustable coilover brand like BC (Fong Kim) or Silver's (Mcwell Ventures) as current it was air sub for rear? Overall any side effect will caused for road holding i.e. stiff; bumpy etc? Anyone one out there replaced coilcover with similar vehicle pls share your comments and feedback. Thanks.
  4. Tomvfree

    Subaru Owners.. (Part 2)

    Hi there, Anyone have experienced in replacing from stock to coilover sub or lower the suspension system for 2005 forester 2.0XT? Apparently I'm with stock shock absorber but found slight oil leaks for all, since tyre and rim have replaced to 225x45x18 though of lowering the height any recommandation out there? Apparently don't seem to enjoy much for the drive not too sure partly caused by the suspension sys. Greatly appreciated in advice. Cheers! Rgds, Tommy