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  1. Jnco

    Volvo Servicing

    Hi anyone tried MTE at kaki bukit road before? Thanks
  2. Jnco

    Volvo S40

    Hi all ... Is there any other tread for S40? i buying a used s40 2010 left 2 years 5mth. Just to check anyone still driving s40 here. Thank you.
  3. yes Jiex. The clutch problem. Settle at EA.
  4. Hi,i got a few thing to clear away from my store room. 2x ricambi originali oil filter and 1x originali engine filter. New engine casket rubber. Used stock suspension 4x. 2x stock front brake kit. Selling cheap. Interested pls leave me a pm. Thank you all.
  5. Wow 3k is alot bro. You need to find other WS. If you want i can introduce to you. Cheers!
  6. I have this problem 2 month ago. My car still at workshop and already transfer to EA. EA Still cannot find the fault. You need go check your gearbox ASAP. FYI
  7. Yes , have no choice. Today tow over EA check ECU. All the major gear parts done up , but still unable to engage gear. Will update again. .
  8. Already install new tranmission module system and changed new gear pump. The fault is still there. Going to 2 month car still siting inside workshop.that very bad..hai.
  9. The car ws help me buy the part. Hardly find. Called transmission module chip or something. Look like a adaptor for the gear box.
  10. Ya, still waiting for part. Is already 1 month 2 week. still haven got it, :(
  11. Thanks bro ! still inside the car workshop. Still looking for spare part.
  12. Exos sold to a nice wagon bro here! Left 18' horse shoe rim for grab. Thanks all
  13. i will still carry on my ride, just sell off rims and pipe. The workshop boss can be trusted and they look honest to me. One of the bro here introduce to me. They never any how chop ppl. So far i see the price is reasonable overall :)
  14. Exos reserved! Left rims to go. Selling Cheap. Thanks and sorry to spam here.