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  1. bambind

    Toyota wish queries

    back 2014 early I was looking for wish back then 2.0 and 1.8 was price quite the same. was having hard time to choose as I like the higher CC but came only with 4 gears, so finally I choose the 1.8 for his 7 gears. anyway as for rims is 18" tyres 225x40x18 FC ard 10 average getting.
  2. bambind

    Is Toyota Sienta Dice MPV good?

    Is it the older model 1.8cc? Because the new model is 1.4 turbo.....
  3. bambind

    Chevrolet Orlando New MPV

    hi PATRTAN thanks for the feedback. I was quite surprised to find such solid build car has such consumption. what I like about the car is that should u need to add overhead box, there is provision on the roof car with the silver trim parts u able to find 4 square opening in which u can mount it on. to me this is a plus point as when I travel to Malaysia there is 7 of us and no place for luggage.
  4. bambind

    Chevrolet Orlando New MPV

    how about the fuel consumption u achieved so far? have u also try going up to genting with it?
  5. bambind

    Opel Car Owners - Pls fall in

    that was the reason why I bought an Toyota wish, because its common car in Singapore. I actually prefer the zafira, in which I have always dream of owning one. in Singapore with the prices of car quite difficult to accept car repair that long. can u imaging four months without ur ride plus instalment still in play. sometimes we love the ride unfortunately in our island doesn't make it visible considering we are driving most expensive cars in the world....
  6. no wonder our road tax petrol keep going up! so they can use the surplus money to install more camera to make more money... since the installed on so many areas oredi thus this mean no more TP?? so I guess TP will be cutting down also
  7. bambind

    Renew COE or Buy pre-owned?

    it depend on current situation as for me my previous ride got problem, so I opt for a 2nd hand 5 year MPV to replaced my previous ride. Since we invested on something that is the most expensive in the world,(info: Survey shown we No1 most expensive ride in the world. boy wrong no1) may as well have peace of mind for next 5 years if u check ur new ride condition. to wait for COE to drop, like the show....mission impossible
  8. best if LTA remove all zebra crossing and replace with traffic light, dame dangerous people just cross without looking out for traffic worst are bicycles who zoom by like its a straight road
  9. bambind

    Which GPS to buy?

    Thanks for the info. Yesterday try itand send my daughter to her new school and GPS indicated different way and i found my self facing the school facing and main entrance on the other lane
  10. bambind

    Which GPS to buy?

    But how u know ur location without GPS tracking?
  11. bambind

    Which GPS to buy?

    better late then never..... but notice some bros like to use their phone as GPS....just take note when travelling to north not idea as it incurred data charges
  12. bambind

    Potential MPV buyers fall in please

    in japan Toyota has already selling their Model "Jade" seems to be the new replacement for the "Wish" saw it on their website don't know any dealer bring in looks great... Notice also Honda has not announce the replacement for their "Stream"
  13. bambind

    Which GPS to buy?

    take note. .bought mine garmin from eastgear with free unlimited map update. now since they shift to new place no more free update. anyway why is marbella good to use in Malaysia? mine have to tikam most of the time in Malaysia.
  14. bambind

    Renew COE or Buy pre-owned?

    well that what our government wants....what if one day everyone give up on cars and motor bikes, and change to bicycle...no worries of bus lane / speed camera / ERP gantry / COE raising up up up (better then buying shares)