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    Remort control issue

    Hi all bro, Recently after overnight parking have some problem opening car door using remote control next morning. Have to try a few times about 2 to 4 mins then it works. Is it sign of weaken car battery? After driving on this problem seems OK.( Remote works immediately) Last car battery change was September 2013. Battery at car remote is new one.
  2. Relaxbrother

    Teana repair/parts

    I think need to inform the car model number also. This can be found near driver side door or at the passenger side door ( internal frame)
  3. Relaxbrother

    Free Parking Near Changi Airport

    Hi Bro, I live in Simei. Yes, like some of our bro mention, you can park at the private estate opposite expo. Then walk about 10 mins to MRT expo station and go to airport. Think this is the best option for your parking issue.
  4. Relaxbrother

    My date with Traffic Court, Court 21

    Hi Bro, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience here... It was a valuable lesson and reminder to all other bros. about speeding on our road. We do sometimes wanted to see how fast we can go.....but thinking about it,not a smart thing to do.
  5. Relaxbrother

    20 Tiang

    It is a Malay word meaning 'pole'. In this case they are referring to 20 street light poles at the road side as guide for those drag racer lah. This is along Lim Chu Kang Road near the Chinese/Muslim cemetary. Want to race should head North lah......
  6. Relaxbrother

    Tyre dry and hard need to replace?

    Hi bro, Like many other "consumables" items, tyre also has its own shelf life span.Regardless whether you drive 1000km or 10000km,it is the shelf life that determine if your tyre property is still good. If the tyre has reach its shelf life,it will not serve it purpose,so it is better to change and safety is the upmost important. Cheers.
  7. Hello sir, i wish to check the price of Camry 2000cc,2006 shock absorver. thank you. regards. Suhaimi.
  8. Nope....there's no way anyone could stop in time...this will happen especially during morning school rush hour. Drive carefully bros when approaching school area. Hope the girl is ok....
  9. Relaxbrother

    Parking within 3M from a fire hydrant fine

    Yeah..there is no line to indicate fire hydrent at the road side. Bro, be pepared to part with S$130, I think.No more S$70 mah...TP salary also increase last few years. Don't worry no demerit point for this offence....only heart broken lah
  10. Relaxbrother

    Malaysian airline plane goes missing! MH370

    Hope all on board is safe. But after 4 days still nothing was found...wonder what happen to the aircraft!!!!!!!!!!!!