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  1. Fett

    Any comment for Lucky Polish?

    Should have researched first before taking a package with them, now my clear coat is ruined, likely need to respray.
  2. Fett

    Do high performance air filters really give you extra power?

    Watched this right after i bought a K&N...
  3. Fett

    2018 / 2019 Ford Focus

    Similar experience...
  4. Fett

    Price of wedding tables hits new high

    Moral of the story, spend within ur means?
  5. Fett

    Price of wedding tables hits new high

    Finally someone talking sense
  6. Fett

    SGCARMART x Venture Cars Roadshow?

    some models now have verified ready stock, like this http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=11787 think its somewhat better than having casetrust, cos at least we know this dealer has actual stocks under their name
  7. Fett

    SAF Regular Found Dead At Nee Soon Camp

    If i recall correctly just few yrs ago happend same thing in Nee Soon too?
  8. Fett

    OPPO teams up with Lamborghini to come out with new phone

    Its ok u can jus buy 2 Lamborghini stickers, one for the phone one for the charger
  9. Fett

    WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

    Still have? You refering to the hydroshot right
  10. Fett

    Every generation of the Civic Type R on one track

    Just realised FD is the only sedan type R
  11. Fett

    Mobile Car Wash?

    would wax serve the same purpose as sealant?
  12. Fett

    2018 / 2019 Ford Focus

    The activ looks realy like V40
  13. Fett

    Mobile Car Wash?

    I never been to any grooming shop, in fact this is my first time engaging someone to do, usualy i do everything myself, only thing i dont do is machine polish. $20 is a good price but i realy dun mind paying abit more to get the whole exterior and interior cleaned up good. like i would use rim cleaner and glass cleaner and interior spray for the dashboard and all. i went to one shop in malaysia for a 50rm clean thinking wud be good, all they did was normal wash with soap only and vacuum, and wiped the dashboard with a wet cloth By seal u mean wax isit?