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StreetFight3r have made 4 car reviews, 3 merchant reviews, and 3 product reviews.
StreetFight3r have made 4 car reviews, 3 merchant reviews, and 3 product reviews.
car reviews (4)
  • Handles like a hot hatch
  • The Audi Q2 is a real joy to drive. The four-pot turbocharged 1.4-litre cylinder-on-demand engine puts out some low end punch, perfect for overtaking and city driving. The compact crossover handles like a hot hatch too. Swerve it around corners and it feels composed and firmly planted. Needless to say, the compactness of the Q2 makes it easy to drive around SG and easy
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  • Spacious, elegant, classy
  • This car has a lot of interior space, and it looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. Design on the S90 is kinda quirky, I don't know how to feel about the twisty engine start knob thingy. It is the most refined car I've owned to date, it looks matured and grown up.
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merchant reviews (3)
  • ECS Garage
  • As the title suggests, amazing workmanship and carbon parts from the two brothers Elvin and Eugene. I got to know about ECS Garage from SGCARMART, and subsequently did some research on them. Am quite surprised they have zero reviews here.

    Perfect fitment for my carbon bonnet on my Honda Fit. This is some high quality stuff, not cheap carbon that you're paying f
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  • Absolut Car Leasing Pte Ltd
  • My Fit was sent for repair and w/s didn't have any courtesy car available so was recommended to Absolut Car. Very reasonable pricing and responsible car rental company at the North. Staff was detailed in explanation and also recommended me to get a more affordable car when I told them I only needed it for daily transport purposes and had budget constraint. Rent, drive and
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product reviews (3)
  • Dunlop Formula D01
  • (Just saw a bro asked about the Dunlop D01 so I'm copying my comment here) If I am not suffering from alzheimer, I had this tyres installed sometime ago... Tyres were from Kim Hoe Tyre, the outlet at Autobay, and were at $75 each including installation.,, Not sure if they are still carrying the model though... For the price that I paid for the tyres I have to say they w
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  • Goodyear Assurance TripleMax
  • Good traction, noise from road reduced, smooth ride in general. Price is pretty decent for the tyres that we're getting. If you belong to the calculative FC type of driver and have bought or thinking of buying the Assurance Fue lMax for the sole purpose of saving some money, than perhaps you may be slightly disappointed as I didn't observe a huge difference with my c
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