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  1. Yysiong

    New Kia Niro Hybrid

    Ok. We different freq here.. cos ur low cost car is below 150k...... Hahaha 5008 and grand scenic 7 seater leh. How to compare. Anw.. mandatory insurance and loan is a common gimmick now. Reason being salesman gets commission from those companies. Dealer that dun have high markup, SE tends to be stricter on these. U can try go PI, either they offer u 1 time cash payment (nobody dare pay 1 time to PI also), they will also insist 5 year loan. Some PI that advertise low price, 10k d.p, and 7 year loan, that loan is non negotiable too if u want that advertise price. U go borneo want to pay cash, it has a surcharge of 2.4k on top of selling price. Min loan is 30k for 1 year. I would say u had to understand the business practice 1st before u call it ridiculous loan condition. If u can afford to take lesser loan, just go with their terms and 1 year later opt to full settlement la.
  2. Yysiong

    Walkie Talkie for Road Trip

    The best walkie with good range is go saf borrow a prc940.. hehe. Anyway, if u wanna buy in SG, SLS got sell, level 2.
  3. Yysiong

    New Kia Niro Hybrid

    The way u write seems like the car offended u, or u are from competition brand Cram interior, useless small boot space - seriously, wat car u comparing with? A luxury sedan? Or a full size suv? Comparing to similar range, niro win vezel and qashqai in space. Forester is another level. Btw, go see the CHR. Really "large" boot and "large" rear passenger leg room Too speed 160km/h is a dislike? How many times u can drive above 120km/h in SG. LTA is alr going in ASC. And, this is a hybrid. Ppl buy hybrid for fuel saving, not chiong no 1 on expressway leh Reliability in hot and humid tropical country still questionable? Seriously in year 2017 this is still discussed? U might want to start looking at the electronics around your house how many is korean brand. open ur eye wide how many hyundai and kia on the road now.. maybe loos toyota, but definitely more than honda or mazda now Poor build quality.. i never understand how a person can judge a car on its quality by just test driving. Every conti brand i test drove the quality all damm good too, but does it means quality good? End of the day, this car is made for a specific group of people. And back to ur earlier point on unscrupulous pricing, i dont know how many car seller has tie in condition with loan, insurance and trade in. Nissan, subaru, all has it. And btw, the loan condition apply to their mecedes benz as well. Min 5 yr 50% loan. Tow kay pocket alot of money also cannot buy a merc using cash. Hahahaha
  4. Yysiong

    3m normal and crystalline solar film

    Anybody use CR70 grade in malaysia? VLT68%... 2% off aporoval grade. So far inspection ok?
  5. Yysiong

    Toyota C-HR

    Hey bro. Give some spec la, like ur height. So that ppl can reference. Im 1.8m, i tried my driving position, behind cramp like sardine. Possibily sit 3 kid. 2 adult also a bit difficult if 1 is a big size like me. And the rear seating is more upright than other car, u feel like seating on a chair.
  6. Yysiong

    2016 Toyota Prius

    Since when got hybrid car tax?
  7. Yysiong

    Will u buy Diesel or Petrol Cars in SG

    Petrol tax if went up, i think many ppl just LL. But for diesel buyer, they buy becos of cost savings. Tax went further up, totally defeat their purpose of buyibg diesel. And, since now govt is disuading diesel usage, chances are focus will be on diesel from now onwards. If people continue buy, more reason for them to charge higher.
  8. Yysiong

    Hyundai IoniQ Hybrid

    People always shun model that taxi is using, from sonata, to optima, to now prius. Then people start shunning vezel/hrv, sienta which uber/grab is using. But you nv see ppl shun altis or civic which almost as many people are driving. 10 yrs ago when car is 50 to 60k, ppl say why u buy a taxi csr, today a car is 100 to 120k, u think ppl still say that? They will be "wow, u can afford a car". Anyway, these are modern mindset that takes 1 generation to change, just like perception of korean car.
  9. Yysiong

    2016 Toyota Prius

    30000 enough liao la.40k km... More than 100km per day.. taxi only need min 250km a day lo
  10. Yysiong

    Will u buy Diesel or Petrol Cars in SG

    Just take note the diesel tax tap is open now.. govt can suka suka increase to disuade usage...
  11. Yysiong

    New Kia Niro Hybrid

    Yes and No. Yes it is low No becos in the 1st place, u r already paying lesser. You need to think that this car would cost 140k if there isnt CEVS rebate. Of coz, if u look at absolute monetary terms and resale, yes hybrid isnt the best in the market If u factor in "upfront" savings and cost saving from fuel, ur low resale price is just a computation of your lower upfront buy price minus away monthly savings accumulated. Hmmm... Not sure if i phrase it correctly..
  12. Yysiong

    New Kia Niro Hybrid

    Almost all hybrid are like tat. So u need to do ur sums if hybrid helps u save petrol substantial enough to offset low parf. For my case, i drive near 30k km a year, so hybrid is a no brainer for me
  13. Yysiong

    Will u buy Diesel or Petrol Cars in SG

    If u think along conspiracy theory.. this is a bait, and also signal to the conti brand dealer clear their stocks this yr. When 1 day diesel pump tax is $0.60 like ron98....
  14. Yysiong

    Will u buy Diesel or Petrol Cars in SG

    Tats y a ASS batt replacemebt cost $200 and above.. And also, the starter wear n tear more