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  1. burns_kazuo

    Any comments for Chevrolet Optra

    I renewed my COE last October. Economically, it makes sense for me as my car's condition is kept tip-top and the low COE premium. I couldnt get a replacement car with the same specs/size/capacity/boot space, etc at the same price. Its like around $4K depreciation per year. So far, my workshop is still able to get spares without much problems. There are some generic parts used in the newer models or some other korean cars that can be used in this car. FC hovers around an average of 8-9km/l with 70city/30hway driving. Mine is an estate model (station wagon) and loaded with weight most of the time either with family or groceries. Not sure FC for the sedan and hatchbacks though.
  2. burns_kazuo

    Common Problems with Optra 5

    Possible to cDIY clean the Throttle body? Any diff in engine maintenance between using Caltex98 and Caltex95?......besides the RON rating.
  3. burns_kazuo

    Any comments for Chevrolet Optra

    Think it only affects the supply of new vehicles. Old model spares still quite easy to find so far. So far, a few things I've changed in my Optra, some original, some OEM and some 3rd party, all working fine and as good as new as I have it serviced regularly and have replaced many of the wear and tear parts. I don't really worry about renewing to save some money, only worry about the PARF that I'll be losing. :)
  4. burns_kazuo

    1.6A optra fuel comsumption

    Yes. I realise that too. I only fill to the brim in M'sia. The fuel gauge only drops after I travelled more than 100km, but mine only around 320km plus at halfway. If i pump locally until the pump auto stop, it dips when it hit 60-65km and at half its around 200-215km plus. I usually pump 95 locally and 97 or 100 in M'sia.
  5. burns_kazuo

    Any comments for Chevrolet Optra

    Anyone renewing or thinking or have renewed their COE for their Optras?
  6. burns_kazuo

    1.6A optra fuel comsumption

    Yes, true. I've tried squeezing another 12liters after the auto-stop point til it over flows, now I stop at 10 litres. Will that have any side-effects to the car in the long run?
  7. burns_kazuo

    Feedback - Mobile Site

    I think its a good start (move) for the mobile version. At least its more readable on my phone instead of relying on the not-so-size-friendly browser. Its a bit laggy at times but I'm sure the backend will know how to fix it. Kudos!!
  8. burns_kazuo

    Any comments for Chevrolet Optra

    Hi! Wonder if any Optra Estate owners are scrapping their cars. I am keen in buying over the cabin boot cover as mine just spoilt. SMS me at 90272255. Tks! -Burns
  9. burns_kazuo

    1.6A optra fuel comsumption

    Sorry, i think its not "auto" mirror but "motorised" mirror that closes manually via touch of a button when parking in narrow parking lots. Yes, mine is the estate facelift model. Ok, good point... will try to fill the tank to the brim next time and calculate. Usually I only filled til it auto stops...and maybe just pump 1 to 2 pumps more...not even 1L more...and it auto stops 1 - 2 times more also...haha. Coz not sure how much more I can pump as the opening of the tank has got a "spring door" and can't see how much more it can go. Not dangerous to let it overflow abit?
  10. burns_kazuo

    1.6A optra fuel comsumption

    In fact, FC no diff even after I changed to 16" rims (from 14" stock steel rims to 16" taiwanese sports rim). Felt corner handling and driving on NSHW feel much more stable after the 16" was installed.
  11. burns_kazuo

    1.6A optra fuel comsumption

    Drove a 2nd hand 1.6A 2008 Magnum Estate for about a year now after scraping my 1.5A Aveo5. Overall the car feels safe and stable. FC wise is about 8-9km/L, dunno what to do to improve that, tried driving light-footed and revving hard and find the FC still the same. Already changed the 14inch wheels to 16inch. No grounding done except basic servicing, installing LCD screen DVD player and changing a lot of common wear-and-tear parts due to its age. Auto mirror abit cranking but still functioning. Lotsa boot space for grocery shopping and seating space. Aircon is ok during the day but super cold at night.