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  1. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi James, Kamsiah for the correction. Aside to Shutterbox, Just checked and it cost me USD480, including international priority shipping and gst, from ebay seller in Mar 2018 as I missed the MO back in end 2017 and installation was probably around SGD300 which is fine as it is quite involving but Ah Keong nailed it as seen and ZERO issue till date. 🙂 Cheers, Cheers, Richard
  2. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Shutterbox, Just to add, you can search carousell for DM Woodlands' offer on twin catch cans setup being offered but I no longer wish to worry of overflowing and do look for baffled ones which are more effective to getting oil vapor with the promoted condensation ... do not believe DM's are: <<https://sg.carousell.com/p/subaru-forester-sj-wrx-dual-oil-catch-tank-setup-113809811/>> BTW, IAG AOS needs to connect to the coolant reservoir as it has coolant running around it for best condensation and hence most effective imho on alleviating this concern. Cheers, Richard
  3. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Shutterbox, Quite a few of us bought the IAG AOS and had it installed by Ah Keong at BKD Woodsland .. professionally and stock looking which is why I highly recommend him. I had all the cable ties replaced by locally available Orbit worm ring clamps as added security to last the life of the vehicle. Cheers. Richard
  4. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Edmund, Price is fine. Cheers. Richard
  5. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Edmund, Sorry to hear of various issues at close to 5 yrs albeit only 78k km and seems that you are not happy with yours ... mine just passed 2 yrs and already 56k km. - Indeed a big concern on faulty steering which I certainly dread but not commonly reported though and fingercrossed 😞 - Battery management of our forester should be excellent from the tiny amperage 30+ Ah one used but I cannot say as I changed out from early days to twice oversized Varta Silver AGM one with 70Ah but it is better than battery killing estima with autodoors that I scrapped after 10 yrs ... short drive especially at night with aircon blasting kills car batteries - 78k km does seems low for engine mount change but also it can harden in 5 yrs and not unexpected. Same of suspension needing mentioned change due to hardening and not typically >100k km live of dampers unless driven hard. Onto ride compliance, it is highly subjective but I can vouch that from the learning from other forester xt owners, it is one of the key let-down with common remark of bounciness and harsh/bumpy and I think it is because we bought an excellent semi off-road SUV popular in USA and Australia with more rugged road and terrain but not a comfy SUV like the equitable Harrier for open hwy or city street ... please note that fna owner typically have less complaint due to softer stock suspension, without subframe and thicker profile/narrower tyres while fxt's designed harder suspension is best suited for spirited driving from its higher torque and power. - On cusco touring A, I strongly recommend them simply because it is the only adjustable dampers to best matches whatever springs you are using while adjustable coilover despite whatever workshop mechanics advise, it is just harder aka harsher/bumpy - 5 yrs old mount should be replaced since similarly possibly hardened and it is not too expensive as compared to the cost of dampers and/or springs. On softening the ride and I believe you are totally stock, removing the stock rear ARB improves compliance significantly but there is the concerns on insurance coverage and legality if in accidents and you will have more roll for obvious reason especially if you take fast corners but it was fine on typical highway driving when I tried 2 fxt owners' ride I eventually removed my cusco ARB, WRX STI and now on stock one while roll is managed somewhat by harder RSR spring and cusco touring A dampers matched to my best ability ... this to me is a more expensive but more complete solution to ride compliance to address roll and bounciness against the common use of thicker ARBs which inadvertently intro harshness on poor quality road but at a low cost STI Flexible subframe helps but expensive or even remove stock subframe to be like FNA without one which alleviate concern on insurance and legality a bit. You can also stay with thicker profile of 55 or even 60 like the fna and do try to experiment with different tyre pressure .. defy my understanding initially but having higher tyre pressures actually helped on ride compliance in my fxt and I explain now that harder tyres are now working the springs and dampers i.e. matched while lower pressure of tyres had the tyres working hard but both bumpy and harsh Cheers, Richard PS: Not sure if you had tried but most welcomed to pm me and try out the cusco touring A in my fxt if not already do so
  6. richard_crl032

    2019 Forester

    Hi Tohto, Guess not new but just in case on Jan 2020 article on e boxer: https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=1423 Cannot add on to your comment after reading this 😞 "With this combination, you probably expect a nice power bump. But at 156bhp and 188Nm of torque, it makes 3bhp more, but 7Nm less than its petrol-powered sibling" Cheers, Richard
  7. richard_crl032

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    Hi All, Do not be too sure .. some old kakis of mine here will know the dramatic ending and engine overhaul for piston rings replacement for oil leak issues for Mar 2016 prior 1.2 Qashqai. Production built and service repairs are NEVER the same which any factory and technical service folks can tell you. Cheers. Richard
  8. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Rach, Typical insurance cover windscreen replacement to different T&C and glad yours also does so. Refitting car cam is almost guaranteed else how to replace ? Bigger question will be to have solar film replaced which is not foc if already fitted. Cheers. Richard
  9. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Mily, Letter or not, you can ask MI to check and rectify during your next service. You will know if it does fail .. loud undercarriage rattling noise even whrn idling. My 2 yr old fxt has done 56k km and it failed at 30k + probably 6 mths ago. Bsck to your question, it took an hour but probably a 5 mins job. Cheers. Richard
  10. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Duatau, Most taobao ones dun work and those worked had sellers giving instructions how to wire .. afraid you have to check old posts here to find out. If all fail, there is a carousell seller sells and installs for you. Btw, good mod for safety. Cheers. Richard
  11. richard_crl032

    Harrier 2017

    Hi yip, 300km/tank cannot be normal for seeming many tanks after a period of ownership and not consistent and exceptional idling. It is 60l tank and even my worse case of "bad FC" awd forester xt on default 100% sport mode and no stop/start with 55l tank does 350km on a bad week of full city driving and about 400km typically. Cheers. Richard
  12. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Best 2 shots
  13. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi James, Thanks .. my most satisfactory mod cos 1.5 yr thought being realised and after much efforts (and $) for its uniqueness. All available and wished original STI aka forester sj TS parts had been installed including all undercarriage handling upgrades, seats, emblems etc. to close this journey with this STI "inspired" speedometer. Forester, STI and 6-8k rpm markings are in slightly brighter shade of red while all other logos e.g. blue for warm up, green for headlights, yellow for hibeam etc. if lighted remains stock color. Yes, perfectly even and adjustable like stock ... 2nd adoptor of bro Farhan just drove off this morning as a happy camper with his souped up tracking FL. Cheers. Richard PS: 3rd piece sold and last remaining on reserve
  14. richard_crl032

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi Bros, Received and installed .. quite nice realization of my "ultimate" sti mod .. photos before, after day, after lighted up and overall with my leather ken's steering wheel and locally fitted srs boss .. enjoy ! Richard PS: 2 pcs still available but at sgd200 and installation of sgd120.
  15. richard_crl032

    MAZDA 6

    Hi ER, Dunno about damaging the valvetrain but as 1 bro pointed out, all are within operating conditions. Believe not castrophic enuff to warrant immediate change .. in fact when car ages and to reduce leakage, thicker eo within specification is recommended. Our tropical ambience temp also means that our engine unfortunately runs hotter which also means thicker oil is thinned out a bit more than winter countries. Cheers. Richard