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  1. Nhrisuzu

    KLEARKARBON - Charity Project

    Hi TS.. I'm a buyer in the ship supplies industries.. 25kgs @ $30 is what your supplier give you? I can get the AAA fragrant rice at approx $23.50 (gst included).. Maybe you can get some sugar as well? 25kgs @ approx $21.00.. Do let me know if you need help in costings..
  2. Nhrisuzu

    Tok Kok Sing Song Part 30 - To infinity & beyond

    well.. everyone got commitments ma.. ya, i heard of cancellations.. haaha.. anyway, would love to take part..
  3. Nhrisuzu

    Tok Kok Sing Song Part 30 - To infinity & beyond

    ok... i know no one will reply me... but, day trip or 2D1N for melaka i'm good..
  4. got any model reference?? there are many Pioneer USB 1-Din HU.. have they factor in cables and labour?
  5. Nhrisuzu

    2 or 3 way speaker

    i will go for the 2way Components with a basic amp running passive...
  6. Nhrisuzu

    Tok Kok Sing Song Part 30 - To infinity & beyond

    WAH.. someone knows i'm called JC? hmmz..
  7. Nhrisuzu

    Entry level ICE package?

    head down to any ICE shop who are resellers.. you can ask them if package is still valid or not..
  8. Nhrisuzu

    Entry level ICE package?

    can try Rockford Package.. amp + component + sub... basics are there..
  9. Nhrisuzu

    Tok Kok Sing Song Part 30 - To infinity & beyond

    newbie me can join ma?
  10. Nhrisuzu

    Focal Speakers

    Focal Access 165A3 is available locally.. head to any ICE shop and they should have it.. you might to stretch your budget abit and go for the Performance series.. newly launched..
  11. Nhrisuzu

    How to install Clarion MAX676VD

    think you might need to chop your dashboard and custom a housing for the Clarion (provided you die die want install).. Customised housing got no market rate... installation of Headunit alone can cost between $30 to $50 depending on which shop you go.. I modified the top dashboard compartment abit and customised a bracket for the Pioneer HU, below with green lighting is Stock factory built-in HU..
  12. Nhrisuzu

    Tok Kok Sing Song Part 30 - To infinity & beyond

    Like nothing new.. can't see a diff actually.. will wait for the $10 giftpack.. As a Premium Member, you will receive the following benefits : 1. Gift Pack A welcome gift pack worth $10 will be mailed to your home 2. Exclusive Invitation Get invited to exclusive events! 3. Discounts Whenever available, discount coupons & vouchers will mailed to your home 4. More points Get 20% more points credited to your MCF account whenever you are praised 5. Real time vehicle valuation Provide us your carplate, and we automatically display the current value of your vehicle whenever you login. 6. Automated insurance quotes Get reminded whenever your car insurance is due soon. We will source and display to you the cheapest car insurance quotes from all the major insurance companies. And many more!
  13. Nhrisuzu


    noise is subjective.. but compared to RE002 and S.Drive, it is noiser.. IMO..
  14. Nhrisuzu


    R888 and T1R are 2 different leagues.. you try using R888 in downpour, the wet traction will kill you.. but if you bring it to the track for a hot lap, you will see the T1R loosing out.. i have used 3 sets of T1R (195/55/R15 on 7jj rims) before changing to Bridgestone RE002 lately.. up on NSH, T1R sticks better on the straights and have a shorter "warming" up time. But when coming to corners, RE002's stiffer sidewalls did it's magic.. down to specs, RE002 got a traction rating of "A", while T1R is getting a "AA"..
  15. Nhrisuzu

    Merry Christmas to old MCFers from 2003 days!

    Nice meeting up with you and Bavarian.. Merry xmas all!