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  1. chooyaochuen

    NDP 2015

    Great! Can't wait to watch it live. Thanks for sharing.
  2. chooyaochuen

    Elitism: Is our society fair? Certainly not

    Life is never fair; but that's the job of the garmen i.e. to take care of the less fortunate and bridge the widening income gap.....
  3. chooyaochuen

    2 Chinese national women vs Singaporean man

    This kind of character sure makes me boil inside. Why we have to put up with this kind of characters??? This is our Singapore leh!
  4. chooyaochuen

    Amos Yee, 17 yr old who think he's cool by insulting LKY!

    This young kid seriously needs help......
  5. chooyaochuen

    Foreigner with Fake Cert

    We should just hire local graduates
  6. chooyaochuen

    Champion way to keep his girl! Piangz!

    Only in China........
  7. chooyaochuen

    WhatsApp vs Wavee

    Wonder if Singtel will start charging for this service later down the road......???
  8. chooyaochuen

    Family sue SAF for son's death

    It's a very sad story but what the family is now doing is correct.
  9. chooyaochuen

    Personal Opinion of a Malaysian Columnist About Singapore

    It's his view. We should learn to respect other people's opinion-:)
  10. chooyaochuen

    Combined salary of pap is $80 million per year

    Me too. I would be so happy to "sacrifice" myself for that kind of salary LOL.
  11. chooyaochuen

    Torn between current and ex

    PRC always full of drama........
  12. chooyaochuen

    SGH3456Z you are such a disgrace

    some people are a real disgrace. Don't pump today, tomorrow also sure must pump.