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  1. That old snake LKS.... just say some ambigious words - basically 模棱两可 - hoping that his words can be interpreted by either side as supporting them. I strongly hope China will give him and his company a good whacking. They leech off HK, cause many of the issues today and still trying to act like kind old hero. The other one is the owner of the shopping malls that "ban" police in order to wayang to the rioters. Hope they kena too.
  2. I can take out an advert and say the advert represent all men age between 10-50.... Feels like someone spending CIA budget
  3. The AMDK or banana-skin commentators will lament that HK used to be so free, can talk anything, can read anything, now "freedoms eroding". But reality is that all these old HK characteristics will end and become zero in 2047. Any person with a brain in HK will know they need to prepare and adapt to it slowly by assimilating to the mainland. If really hate it, then have to migrate to holy land like U.S.A to become 2nd class citizens. Since there is an entire batch of a few million china-haters now in HK, my prediction is that China will cut-off this area, starve it to death economically to eliminate this group of people. Then reborn with a new batch of immigrants from mainland.
  4. The video is filmed as if electric cars are nirvana. Actually the bloody battery suck up a lot of resources to manufacture, electricity also need to generate from somewhere (like fossil fuels) and worse is that millions of old huge Li-ion battery are going to be like nuclear waste problems x1000. ICE cars are not great, but may not be much worse than the BEVs
  5. t0y0ta

    Best fried chicken in singapore

    Have you tried Jollibee? Lagi more salty But nicer.
  6. t0y0ta

    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    Good move and definitely we need to take care of the young's housing needs carefully. Just look at HK and can see the potential consequences. Also good for coming GE
  7. Why does these folks just become the New Boat People. Just set sail to nearby Philippines. Confirm they get demon-cracy - can vote every 6 years. And please don't sail further - SG no space for rioters.
  8. 杨康最终恶贯满盈,以最痛苦的方式死。 The HKers on the streets today will suffer same fate.
  9. t0y0ta

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    BTW engine on while parking for long while is technically illegal. And also bad for environment and inconsiderate. https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pollution-control/air-pollution/air-pollution-regulations I know what I say will fall on your deaf ears... but eventually enforcement may catch up
  10. You are quite determined in your support of the 港独份子。 Just curious, your family migrated over from HK in the 90s?
  11. Better kiss now... when they grow up in future HK destroyed by these actions.... The only job opportunity for the gal is brothel worker. The guy will be the pimp. The customer is mainland chinese and the AMDKs
  12. CIA had to rush to ship in a container of nice Stars n Stripes flags to distribute, after Brexit chaos disrupts the shipment of HK colonial flags. Leftover from Trump's 4th July celebrations. At least got some goondus re-use - good for environment. Still eating popcorn waiting for PLA to come down and ship these folks out for some needed RnR. I think the 劳改营in the north should be ramping up to await a large batch of new enlistees.... heeeheee
  13. My 2cents: - Vietnamese background so no ancestral loyalty to China or chinese culture - Groomed from young by western agencies to act as 无间道 role. A HKer was telling me that this guy is mysteriously studying in Uni although his grades are super f**ked up, and always have someone bail him out and sponsor him around.
  14. All of us at are what you term "clueless foreigner". Some here are obviously pro-rioter/protester/demon-cracy fighter; I am obviously pro-stability and anti-vandalism. Just like Man U versus Arsenal. Whoever wins, we still wake up next day to same shit. I think we all implicitly agree to disagree. No need to convert each other like Buddhist -> Christian etc. Forum here is just coffeeshop talk to feel shiok and pass our time anyway...
  15. 2 groups? 1 group in charge of Molotov cocktail and another who trash the MTR machines? Or 1 group in charge of dispensing the "angbaos" from CIA/MI6 and the other ordering riot supplies from taobao? Independent commission to ascertain if vandalism and crime in HK territory should be declared a noble deed worth of Medal of Honor from Pentagon?